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The River 2 on Mzansi Magic Teasers - September

Wednesday 1 September 2021
Episode 243

Life on the Wild Side

Zweli and Njabulo venture out into the wilderness to save everyone and Dimpho ditches Flora for a taste of le good life.

Thursday 2 September 2021
Episode 244

Save Our Souls!

Zweli meets an enemy he can’t negotiate with in the bush. Dimpho throws caution to the wind on their holiday, shocking her family.

Friday 3 September 2021
Episode 245


Dimpho is not prepared for what awaits her after a night of fun.

Monday 6 September 2021
Episode 246

Marserati Rage

Lindiwe surprises everyone with a big, lavish purchase, while her workers struggle to make ends meet. Cobra is back, but is met with news that is bound to spoil his month.

Tuesday 7 September 2021
Episode 247

Something Big, Something Massive

The Dikanas celebrate a new dawn while Refilwe’s dangerous trio come together to pull off something massive.

Wednesday 8 September 2021
Episode 248

Don't Be A Capiltalist

Lindiwe is launching her biggest diamond but she's completely oblivious to what Cobra has in store for her.

Thursday 9 September 2021
Episode 249

The Diamond Mission

Cobra riles up the protestors to a point of no return making the Mokoenas fear for his life.

Friday 10 September 2021
Episode 250

Born For This

Cobra pulls a family member into his web of deceit and Lindiwe guns for someone close to home for her stolen diamonds.

Monday 13 September 2021
Episode 251

Always a Suspect

Lindani gets caught in his own web of lies. Lindiwe will stop at nothing to get her precious diamonds back.

Tuesday 14 September 2021
Episode 252

Who To Trust?

Lindani prays that Charlie will keep his secret, while the stakes have just increased, putting Charlie under pressure. Lindiwe will do whatever it takes to find the person that stole from her.

Wednesday 15 September 2021
Episode 253

My Playground

Charlie finds himself in hot water when his attempts to get the reward go south. Lindani’s secret takes its toll on his relationship with Tumi.

Thursday 16 September 2021
Episode 254

If I Was a Rich Man

Charlie realises he’s made a deal with the devil while Tumi’s sanity hangs by a thread as she worries about her marriage.

Friday 17 September 2021
Episode 255

End of the Honeymoon

Lindani decides to come clean, while Lindiwe and Zolani make a fatal mistake.

Monday 20 September 2021
Episode 256

A Complete Go

Cobra scrambles to find what “belongs to him”, and Lindani’s life is in danger on more than one score.

Tuesday 21 September 2021
Episode 257

Angel of Death

Cobra involves himself in police work, searching for his diamonds. Zolani goes on a lethal mission.

Wednesday 22 September 2021
Episode 258

Who Shot You, Son?

There’s hell to pay when Zolani disappoints Lindiwe and Cobra is frustrated when he can’t figure out where Lindani hid his property.

Thursday 23 September 2021
Episode 259

Once Too Many Times

Tumi comes face to face with truths that push her to the edge.

Friday 24 September 2021
Episode 260
Season 2 finale!


Mbali struggles to keep Lindiwe’s secret from her father and Tumi discovers that she’s a lot more like Lindiwe than she thought.

Please note: Season 3 follows on from Season 2 and premieres on Monday 27 Septmeber 2021 at 19h00. Click here for your Season 3 teasers: The River 3 Teasers - September 2021.