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The Good Son Teasers September

Wednesday 1 September 2021
Episode 65

At night, Pankhuri rehearses lying in front of the mirror while checking that her pulse rate doesn’t change.

Thursday 2 September 2021
Episode 66

While Sanju studies for his exam, Purva makes tea for Vedant to portray herself as a good wife.

Friday 3 September 2021
Episode 67

Pankhuri collects Purva’s blood sample and exchanges it with the sample of an AIDS patient. Sanju tries to talk her out of it, but Pankhuri stays firm. Pankhuri then tests the blood and creates the reports with her desired parameters.

Monday 6 September 2021
Episode 68

She reveals how she plans to show Vedant that the baby is HIV-positive. She also informs Rahul that he will enter the picture towards the end.

Tuesday 7 September 2021
Episode 69

Pankhuri gives Vedant Rahul’s HIV test reports and subtly pushes him for Purva’s abortion. Seeing no other option, Vedant operates on Purva with a heavy heart.

Wednesday 8 September 2021
Episode 70

After Vedant takes Purva to their room, he reveals the truth about the baby’s disease.

Thursday 9 September 2021
Episode 71

Pankhuri is shocked when Purva doesn’t react at all when she talks about the baby.

Friday 10 September 2021
Episode 72

Teaser unavailable.

Monday 13 September 2021
Episode 73

Rahul blackmails Vedant and asks for five million rupees

Tuesday 14 September 2021
Episode 74

The only way to get out of this dilemma is if Vedant keeps his mouth shut.

Wednesday 15 September 2021
Episode 75

Vedant is in despair after the taunts of Purva and the family, and tries to commit suicide.

Thursday 16 September 2021
Episode 76

Ramesh tells Pankhuri that he has decided to get her married to Sanju. Ramesh tells Pankhuri that Urmi would transfer the hospital's power of attorney to her name only after she marries Sanju.

Friday 17 September 2021
Episode 77

Purva tells Rahul that she trusts Vedant more than him.

Monday 20 September to Thursday 30 September 2021

Teasers unavailable. We'll update them as soon as we get them.

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