Many people might remember her as Sthoko Seakamela, which is the character that she is currently playing in the SABC1 local drama series, Skeem Sam.

Salome Nthabiseng Millicent Mashile.
Her real names are Salome Nthabiseng Millicent Mashile. Those are surely too many words, right? However, that is normal if you are an African.

Well, many people have been wondering what really happened to the South African actress because she has not been appearing at Skeem sam for quite a while.

We might have found the real reason why she has not been appearing on screen. The 33-year old is actually pregnant and is expecting to give birth soon.

She has been congratulated on social media, and she is also a twin. So, for her to expect twins is highly possible.

But she probably knows by now if she is expected twins or not.

In the past few years, Salome Nthabiseng Millicent Mashile has played a huge role in the SABC1 drama series.