Khanyi Mbau

The popular prophet who is known for predicting celebrities death has now said something very important about South African celebrities, particularly one female celebrity.

Mzansi could not help but notice that the person that this prophet is referring to is none other than Khanyi Mbau. Although the prophet did not drop names he only mentioned the initials and the type of work that this celebrity is doing, which was why people concluded that he is talking about Khanyi Mbau.

It is very important to listen to prophecies as they always turn out to be true. It will be remembered that in July, a prophet recalled a prophecy he made earlier this year to Connie Ferguson about her husband, Shona.

The prophet predicted Shona's death as he said he saw it in a dream and Connie should have acted and stopped the bad or men. While some people thought maybe it's a fake prophecy but the comments in it showed that the prophetic tweet did happen.

Now, another prophecy has come to light, and as we had stated above, Mzansi believes that the prophecy is directed to Khanyi Mbau.

Of late, Khanyi has made news as her boyfriend has revealed that she started to get missing in Dubai and then the next thing she lands in South Africa without him knowing.

According to the prophet, God has been visiting this socialite in her dreams and it is time now that she answers her calling.

The Zimbabwean Pastor of Divine Kingdom Ministries, Ian Ndlovu has raised eyebrows by saying this:

We must continue to pray for celebrities in South Africa. There is a certain young lady...I don’t know whether the term young lady would apply to her, but she’s a socialite. She has been involved with very prominent men in the past. The spirit of God sent me. I’ve seen her several times in the past in a vision. I wanted to speak about her sometimes last of last year - in 2019 - but the Holy Spirit told me not to talk about her yet. The spirit of God says I must speak about her now.”

The pastor said in a video recorded at his church and it is circulating on YouTube.

Mzansi took to the comments section to assume that indeed it is Khanyi Mbau that the prophet is referring to.