Pearl Modiadie
Pearl Modiadie has been the most loved presenter and radio host but no matter how much love you receive people will always find a way to mock you when they find time and that's the downslope to everything.

She was mocked about having a baby of another race. Pearl Modiadie’s son is very light in complexion due to him being a mixed-race child. His father is purely white so people mock Pearl Modiadie that she looks like a babysitter to her child because she's black.

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But that does not cancel the love she has for her son and the beauty of having to love and speaking out loudly about her baby regardless of the response.

Pearl Modiadie says she has become so obsessed with her son lately.
I’ve become that mom who shows people pictures of her son when they ask about him.

Gosh, I hope it’s not annoying

She's says

Some mothers could relate and share how they also do the same thing every single time. Someone asked about their children but this one guy, in particular, seems to have an idea of what the woman does at his work that he totally cannot relate to and said...
That’s means you’re over 30, are you?

That’s what they do at work, you ask her “what did you do this weekend?”.

She flips out her phone with pictures of her bundle of joy struggling to bite an apple in the park, whilst drooling uncontrollably.

He explained.

Some mothers also commented on the tweets.
That's me The Woolies staff ask about my little one because they saw me pregnant and because of covid he is always in the house, the moment they ask I whip out my phone,

Another one said.
It's annoying 😂. Now I have to pretend I'm interested. And the fake interest makes it worse cos now they are telling about "funny" moments which I don't find amusing so I fake laugh on cue

And this question is for all the mothers out there.

Are you also that kind of a mother or do you always think of the camera when the moment has passed?

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