Connie Ferguson was taking a break from the Queen and media production after she lost her husband tragically two months back. Mr Sho's death left everyone in shockwaves and until now there are still some people talking about it. The Ferguson family are still on an emotional rollercoaster, but at the end of the day, life has to go on. During her husband's memorial service, Connie Ferguson promised him that she will keep his legacy going. She also made a trend saying that "The Sho goes on", a lot of people showed her support and they were sharing the trend in their stories. 

The Queen has not been productive ever since Shona died and a lot of people were beginning to lose patience, saying that they pay a lot of money to be given such a service. The boring storylines were understandable because Connie was just trying to keep the show going although she's mourning. Some people are extremely inconsiderate and they do not put themselves in other people's shoes. They want to force Connie's hand by indirectly saying she has mourned enough and it is completely wrong. A person must be given time to digest the new situation and get used to living without that particular person.

She is such a strong and talented woman, losing your soulmate is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. May Shona Ferguson continue resting in peace and may Connie succeed as she is now going through this journey without him. It is very wonderful to see that there are a lot of people who are supporting her emotionally and showing her that she isn't alone in all this. The acting crew gave her a warm welcome and they decorated the whole place, it was very wonderful. Many people will always remember their love stories.