3-leg pot

A beautiful young woman caused a frenzy on Twitter after posting a picture of herself while preparing food. What caught people's attention was how proud she was to cook using firewood.

Most people do not share such things because of the possibility of getting bad comments from people on social media. She mentioned in her caption "I can’t wait to say food is ready to someone's son".

Basically, she was highlighting how much it would really mean for her to have a husband to cook for. People's priorities are different and in most cases, it is quite rare for someone like her to be open about where she comes from. Some people were wondering if she was single or not, as they wouldn't mind being part of her life in that regard. See more of people's reactions down below;

"Shouldn't be exclusively for a man. Why not your kids, parents etc? Don't give the men the impression that you exist to please them."

"You such beautiful African lady may God bless you with an equally beautiful man in the mind."