Today's episodes of Mnakwethu, really touching. the show upset the hell out of me. Bonginkosi wants to do right by the mother of his child, but will his first wife agree to have a sister-wife? She is so calm, beautiful, respectful, gave birth, cleans the house but somehow she's not enough.

The woman is going through a lot just that many of them do not speak out about their rights. After watching today's episode MaMkhulu doesn't deserve this with her baby voice. We underestimated Mamkhulu with her small voice kanti she doesn't tolerate nonsense.

This show is a show of Zulu man who wants to take a second wife but first, they must pass by the first wife. Many have been Mnakwethu show must be cancelled. The pain women go through the week in week out is too much. Ngapha Musa calls himself a cobra that swallowed all those women he married. Aikhona this is wrong maan.

Nellie went through the most, losing 2 children, with the firstborn dying a day after giving birth. That's what I have picked up to say she is still broken for losing her kids and needs comfort from her man to say "nkosikazi wami kuzolunga" not this rubbish he's taken her through.

He said that he had no reason and does not know why he wants polygamists, he just loves it. This is proof that they only just want to play with women. He said he was rich with shops and farms and ready to take two wives, why is a stove and bed in the same room now?

We are proud of MaMkhulu for standing up for her rights. She is the first woman who stands her ground Kodwa ke mna pezonali I’d leave. A polygamous proposal is a breakup. Now the girl is worried about her kids having different surnames... should have thought of that before having a child with a married man. Ladies must know that once a man gets sex their woman's bargaining chips are gone. Whether the man stays or leaves afterwards,,, it does not change a thing... The hard truth I know!

That look from maNdlovu when she said the husband must do as he pleases… “Soke sbone” 

We ask ourselves why is this man asking to take the 2nd wife when he already did 5years with a child ontop theres nothing to ask nxa! Taking advantage of this humble wife. Sad thing about this show is that even if you disagree to isithembu, he will never leave the other lady. Period. Also these men know that the wives will never leave them for such, even if he makes kids outside. Bayazi vele. That's why they continue, beke le beke.

Married men who claim to hate polygamy are just acting in fear of losing the material possession accumulated or just plain broke. Women who hate polygamy are just being pushed by greed fearing to share material wealth.....Wives generally don't care about it.

There are so many career-focused married Zulu women it’s just that their husbands won’t go on #Mnakwethu because they know, their requests will be declined coz abancengiwe . Those who go on the show have housewives who will tolerate their nonsense because of lack of independence.