Another drama-filled episode of Uyajola 9/9 have left Moja Love's viewers in stitches once again, they got what they were waiting for as Jub Jub interrogated Nonkululeko who was caught in an other man's bed, both were half-naked and having their meal which Jub Jub described as 'half-time' meal.

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While Ayanda, (The complainant) was trying to have a go at the guy who was sleeping with his woman, Jub Jub was trying to get Nkululeko to explain but all was doing was swear at him and giving her an attitude while covering herself with the blanket, she even refused to finish her meal which was made of eggs, slices of polony and some slices of white bread.

As the confrontation went on, the camera's were busy moving around the room, viewers noticed that the guy who was sleeping with another man's woman is a soccer fan and he support one of the biggest clubs in South African soccer, he is an Orlando Pirates fan, and fellow Pirates fans are distancing themselves from him because of his actions.

Others were saying that he is the reason why the Buccaneers are not doing well and will not win when their fans are behaving the way he is, others were making fun of him saying Pirates fans are a 'flop'.

Some fans were happy to see the name of their favourite team on the wall of this guy, they said their team is loved by many people, they were actually proud of their team, they believe they are all over, but in actual facts, they should be distancing themselves from fans who behave the way this one behaves.

Another thing that caught viewers attention is what also written on the guy's wall, BOSS YA MAPHARA, meaning, BOSS OF THE JUNKIES, that is how he describes himself despite being a Pirates Fan.