The South African counterpart of American Cheaters is Uyajola 99. It only needed a name that South Africans were familiar with. On Sundays, the show airs on Mojalove. The show is now in its second season. JubJub and Moss are the hosts of the show. It will be beneficial to those who are concerned that their partners are cheating on them. Those who believe their partners are cheating on them can write to the show and request assistance in determining who is cheating.

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The suspecting partner always catches the suspected partner with the help of the Uyajola 99 crew in every episode. It makes no difference whether someone is married or not, as long as they are committed to one other.

On tonight's first episode, which was presented by JubJub. When they caught a lady cheating and in bed with someone else. She was not wearing anything at the time. The crew didn't leave the room and forced the lady to dress in from of them. That was so disrespectful and inhumane.