The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) has confirmed that an allegedly heavily intoxicated man in military uniform seen in a viral video is one of their own who has been missing in action since July 27.

The footage depicted a man swaying on his feet, carrying a bag outside a populated shopping centre. A guard guides the man past onlookers to awaiting Tshwane metro police officers.

The SANDF said in a statement on Friday that such “disgraceful behaviour” was unreservedly condemned and they were working with the Tshwane metro police to ascertain details about the incident.

The military is trying to locate the soldier who has been Awol since July.

“The SANDF unreservedly condemns such disgraceful behaviour from our members since we view the military uniform as an important asset.

“Although the date and the exact location of the video has not yet been established, the SANDF is working in close co-operation with the Tshwane metro police department officials to determine all details surrounding this incident.

“The SANDF can confirm that the member on the video has been identified as one of our members ... Military police officers are working tirelessly to determine his whereabouts, and bring him to book.

“The SANDF would like to state categorically that such behaviour cannot be tolerated from any of our members. We can further confirm that when the member on the video has been found, he will face the court of military justice for being Awol and drunkenness.”

SANDF chief Gen Rudzani Maphwanya and the military command council rebuked members of the SANDF who put its name in disrepute with dishonourable behaviour in public.

He issued a stern warning to all soldiers that the military would not tolerate any ill-discipline and said drastic action would be taken against any member contravening the military disciplinary code.