Hungani Ndlovu's Romeo does not look to be returning to the Scandal! A doctor from a nearby hospital named Xolile called Romeo's wife at the end of last night's show to notify her that Romeo Medupe had died the same day.

Fans flocked to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the announcement that their favorite character will be leaving the show. This comes after months of anticipation about Hungani Ndlovu's possible comeback to Scandal! Some people have even stated that if he does not return, they will boycott the performance.

Ndlovu has remained silent on the matter on social media.

When he departed the telenovela in 2020, he broke hearts. Even months later, the reason for his leaving remains unknown. On social media, the show disputed allegations that he had been dismissed.

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"Hungani is rumoured to be departing the show, according to a published story. Every allegation made in the article is refuted by #etvScandal. Production has not terminated Hungani's employment. We are pleased with his professionalism and work ethic "At the time, the post read.

Hungani Ndlovu and his wife Stephanie revealed they had contracted Covid-19 around Mother's Day on social media a few months ago. “I went on a shoot the Saturday before Mother's Day and ended up shooting all day. And on Saturday, I wake up with a Dololo taste in my mouth. Like I don't have a sense of taste, I don't have a sense of smell.” Stephanie Hungani, Hungani's wife, stated.

“It's like nothing at all. Worst of all, I was well aware that there was an issue. Have you ever smelled eucalyptus oil before, guys? There's an issue if you can't smell eucalyptus oil. So on Saturday, I tell Hungani that this is Covid.” She stated her case. “Hungani went to get tested as well, and his findings were positive.”

Apart from the loss of taste and a slight tightness in the chest, I believe the most difficult part was isolating ourselves from each other in the house. We weren't in the same room as each other. It's very much impossible to eat in the same place. Because of the spread of jewels, that is what is medically recommended.” Hungani interjected.

Stephanie indicated that she suffered the most severe symptoms of the two. “However, I believe my symptoms were more severe than yours. I was just out for one day and couldn't get out of bed. My mind was racing, and my chest was heaving. The remainder of the days seemed like gold, at least to me. The taste and smell were the two symptoms that bothered me the most. You won't appreciate certain things until you lose them, guys. Particularly those you take for granted, such as your senses.