There are many things you don't know about him.

Skeem Saam's audience has struggled to accept the fact that Fanie no longer exists.

After the mob in Lehasa opened fire, Maserumula found himself fighting for his life in hospital. After the doctor managed to keep him in a stable condition, his Care Rovuwa boss, Lehasa, sneaked in at night disguised as a security guard, injected him with lethal poison intravenously and almost immediately ended his life.

Real name Affectionately called Fanie by Skeem Saam fans, his real name is Gift Mokhampanyane.

He is thirty-something, It is much older than it seems. It was April 16, 1988. This year he is 33 years old.

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He is in a loyal relationship .

The actor is currently a relative of Palesa Shole. The gift is an art graduate. The star has always loved art.

He graduated from the National Academy of Arts. Television career: Gift is an experienced actor whose career spans over ten years. In the early 2000s, he played Sipho on the educational television series "Friends of Souls." Then came a performance on Yo.TV. Kea Leburu, who works closely with Gift at Skeem Saam, wrote a heartfelt post to his former colleague, thanking him for his work over the years.

"Thank you for the present. I wrote this from the bottom of my heart. "She says. This scene made me (the referee's last scene) so excited that I would never get a chance to dance with you on set as usual.

" Keamogetswe revealed that when she first saw Gift, she was full of stars. "From day one, I was a little nervous when I met you (I know you don't know) but I am. "By having the opportunity to work with you, I have never seen such a sincere and friendly person. You have made acting so easy.

I enjoy every moment that I share with you. Thank you for your kind heart, thank you for the lessons you received. taught, And the brother who has always believed in me. She shared. He added that he would encourage her whenever she was nervous about filming a scene. Wishing him all the best in the future, he said that they would meet at a family reunion.

What is strange to us is that maybe the fans can also try it. After spending about five years on the show, Gift was not officially fired. Gift didn't say much about her unexpected departure and her future plans. However, fans have expressed their love on social media. Some even asked the producer to bring it back.

Thank you for your company over the years, without you, Café Rovuwa would never be the same. See Skeem Saam on SABC at 6:30 PM on weekdays.