Nandos overpriced political chicken

Nandos South Africa has become very active all of the sudden on Twitter. They are always posting their adverts about their dazzling chicken, however, it seems like they have now gone too far according to some people.

Nandos has been making fun of Piet Rampedi through their adverts. Those who might not know who Piet Rampedi is, well he is the journalist who was the first to break a story of the Tembisa 10 babies, that we are still yet to see. Some have even praised him and they also believe that the Yembisa 10 babies exist.

Many people are really not happy about this advert and they are now saying that is really not for them. It is for certain types of people. It seems like people have taken offence and we know that this is just an advertisement. They are just trying to have a sense of humour. They have recently made another one about the ANC and its internal factions. In the adverts, they say that you definitely need to have a tender so that you can afford their chicken, but we do know that it is not the truth.

There is another advert where they say that their chicken comes from Sandton, attend a private school and eat at woollies. And people are really offended as if there are no black people living.

Some believe that this is just a marketing strategy. They knew that people's emotions will be high and the more they talk about it, the more it gets attention. There is no good or bad publicity.

Here in South Africa one really needs to tread carefully because you do not know when you are going to offend people, especially now in the circumstances that we are living in. The ANC political factions rely on spreading out through our people and if we do not take note of this, in the future we might end up being a divided country fighting each other.