Queen needs help to confirm her suspicions about her boyfriend. Will, she be able to handle the truthMzansi have been calling Jub-Jub to resign from the show #Uyajola99 with immediate effect. After tonight's episode, it left some women heartbroken because of public eyes. Mzansi could not help but feel sorry for the lady after a serious scene happen.

They went to PEP to get lunchboxes at, "Best prices and more", only to get the best prices and Jub Jub.

The brand has been destroyed. People we now know that #Uyajola9/9 went there to a caught a couple in action.

Mzansi think Jub Jub did this episode for ratings it was unnecessary...now the new girlfriend had high blood pressure because he exposed her in public. Botshabelo ruined relationship ya bana ba bang. I mean she knew she had been dumped and blocked long ago. Although we understand it's not him who did the woman who called #Uyajola99 it remains uncertain as he is the hoster of #Uyajola99.

I'm so embarrassed to say I'm from a free State right now. Queen who is compliant is fighting for someone she last saw in February. Is she a bitter ex, she last saw him in Feb and the guy blocked her even a blind man can see? If Umjolo has a seven day cooling period. If you don't call or text in seven days, it's over.

She should have stayed home and let the guy move on, I mean the last time she saw the guy was in February.

If someone blocks you don't call for a month let one three months, you must just accept that you have been dumped and move on with your life. Lots of men don't have the guts to tell you that it's over, they show you the signs. You don't have to go to #Uyajola99 just let it go.

Girls are embarrassing themselves imagine being blocked, since you last saw your bf around February, when you call his friends they tell you he doesn't want to talk to you and still run to #Uyajola99 ayikhona

Ladies be careful when choosing boyfriends. Cheaters are not good for you.. especially decent girls.