Killer Kau's death left many people drained, he had his whole life ahead of him and he was still young and had a lot to live for. It'd really sad that his life was cut short in such a manner, accidents happen all the time bit in Killer Kai's case it's really painful because he was still young. He didn't even get the chance to get married and start his own family, not to mention that he left his hard work in the music industry as he didn't get to live so he could enjoy the fruits of his labour. Life can really be unpredictable, no one saw his death coming and it's so sad that he is no more and we won't get to see him release his best songs anymore. His death has left many people shattered more especially his colleagues in the entertainment Industry, Killer Kau was one of the artists who had a great personality and he was full of life.

After Killer Kau got the time to grieve the death of their son who was also their breadwinner his uncle revealed some shocking information which left people speechless, according to the uncle this is not the first time that their family has lost a loved one in such a tragic way. He.said that the Amapiano star's mother and brother also lost their lives due to a car accident, it is really sad that such tragedy has repeated itself again in their family. Killer Kau's death did not only leave them devastated, but it also opened old wounds as it reminded them of the two loved ones who previously died the same way. This revelation came as a shock to many as no one knew that Killer Kau's mother and brother also died due to a fatal car accident.

This has left mixed emotions as some people are beginning that may the family is cursed, such tragedy can't happen twice in the same family. Other people also experience car accidents and they are able to out alive but for Killer Kau that didn't happen, this must be the most difficult time for his family and more than anything they might be wondering why such tragedies keep on happening in their family.

" May their Souls RIP, But let us also not forget the Emergency Personnel who they crashed into. He was not "Famous" but a Hero who dedicated his life to SAVE LIVES & PROTECT THE PROPERTIES, May His Soul Rest In Peace," said one of the social media users.