So, obviously since the couple is engaged and enjoying butterfly phase, their timelines smell like flowers and love. Ah, some people don't like this and they won't even try to conceal it. Apparently, Musa didn't think he'd date a woman in Liesl's league so now he's overcompensating by always sharing her pictures and being over-grateful! I mean come on guys, what's with the jealousy? Can't a guy enjoy his relationship without being made like he has esteem issues?

There's an account that shared that these two are such a perfect fit for each other. Soon, another account spoke of how annoying it is to always see the couple on their timeline and that they're overdoing it now. Following this, more people had the guts to speak against the couple's sharing of each other on the socials, especially by Musa who they figured doesn't believe he's dating her. Imagine!

On the retweet attached below, the lady says they bore her and they look like they are doing those promotion things that you need to look at every second scroll!


It must be terrible being Musa at this time. Imagine people having so much to say about you and your relationship and they don't even know you. Having people tell him that he's always commenting on her things and it makes it look like he's desperate is so shady! He's in love! 

What else must he do? People must just give us manuals on how to live since they always have so much negativity to say! Ai!