Isencane Lengane
Viewers are fed up with his there is always drama in the Dlamuka household, it seems there is no peace in that house at all as problems keep on pouring. Their family is very dysfunctional and there are always unnecessary arguments that always divides the family, viewers are starting to get tired of watching their drama and they feel that Thando doesn't deserve all this. She deserves to be in a proper family that gets along, some viewers are even saying that can’t we skip to Season 4, where Thando is graduating from varsity and filing for divorce living her best life with someone serious about life.

Viewers don't understand while some of the family members don't want to make peace among themselves. They feel that Mr Dlamuka's family should listen to him and make peace because he sounds like he knows something they don't. Also, they shouldn't be stressing him while he's sick. It really draining his new family have been fighting each other and they don't want to make peace because they are all stubborn, even though Dlamuka wants to slaughter a goat to make peace in their home some of the members seem not to be interested. I pray that Dlamuka gets well soon and sort his family issues, otherwise it's gonna be world War if he passes away and leaves unresolved issues that are happening in his family.

Yesterday's episode made viewers realise that hat no amount of goat will fix family issues. We need to start dealing with issues through communication not this cutting corners and slaughtering animals unnecessarily. The best way to solve issues is to talk and find solutions.

"Stop messing with our tradition by cutting corners. There's nothing productive about what they did. There was no communication nothing if you understand the culture you would know what happened was just lunch even their ancestors are surprised," said one of the viewers.

"Problem with that family they not united, Dlamuka tried his best to make peace but they looked uninterested, so how will everything go accordingly when people are not interested, Dlamuka has a reason why he wanted the family to get along," they added.

You cannot slaughter an animal whilst there's no peace that tradition 101 unless you believe in slaughtering with common sense. Hence the children even knew that this was a futile exercise. All I saw was a ceremony and not a tradition.