Celebrities are perceived as people who are rich, people who don't go broke, people who can afford everything, and surely who live a 'soft life'. In reality that is not always the case because some celebrities especially actors earn an average salary and just like any other person they do get broke sometimes and yes there is that thing that they don't afford.
Inno Matijane

Inno Matijane who is a YouTuber, model and singer took to Facebook, as a celebrity explaining to his fans that they are just normal people."The problem about you guys is that you always assume celebrities have money, I can promise you one thing, you are probably living the same life as them financially the difference is that you don't collaborate with brands and you don't have pictures to post all the time ", Inno said.

He then took us back to 2019 and the first half of 2020 when he went broke, sold his cars, slept in a car but posted on social media like things were good at that time. Inno lost his job and he was broke to an extent that he couldn't even pay rent. His mom got sick and he sold his car to take her to a private hospital but he ended up losing her.

Inno also revealed that some of the reasons why celebrities can't help you when you reach out to them are because they can't help themselves too and they won't tell you because you are a stranger. Inno's topic opened minds and revealed things that fans never thought of considering celebrities.