It is really sad to see to it that although many of the high school relationships always start off as fun and games. If you should look at most of those relationships It is constantly the woman who always have to pay the ultimate price should the unthinkable and unplanned matters such as having an unplanned pregnancy in the relationship, whilst he who is the father can just pick out to stroll away free from the situation.

The saddest phase of this is that girls have now familiarized themselves with the acts and behaviours that can lead to such situations, It seems like they don't even learn from others when they should have because in life we learn from other people's mistakes but they seem to don't but carry on repeating the same mistakes.

Let me quickly take you through some WhatsApp chats exposing how it ended in tears for a Grade eight learner who located that she is pregnant.
Read the chats below

By just reading the chats provided above I am pretty sure that can see from the chats above the so-called boyfriend choose the quickest way out for something they both did wiggly and such is impossible and unfair for the young girl. Well such is life

As parents and sisters. Let us all go and normalize having more intimate talks with our young ladies due to the fact the way the number of teenage pregnancies is getting worse day by day, even though they are the notion of how to avoid such as schools it seems like it is just not enough.

As parents and big sisters aunts and so on. Let us start understanding that stopping the teen girls from being intimate is a fight for another day for now we are against teen pregnancy and we can kill it but equipping our teens with the right knowledge and understanding of this stuff