Dumi Mkokstad
Dumi Mkokstad (born in 1992 in Pietermaritzburg) is a South African gospel singer. The award-winning artist began his singing career at the age of nine.

He began to sing at Mount Alif, his hometown, and today, he has taken home several awards and recognitions.

In 2015, the top-class singer received the ‘Crown Gospel Music Award in the Best gospel Song category’.

He also boasts of ‘reaching gold status’ for an album of his at a very tender age.

Even though he is a well-known gospel artist, many people got to know about him during his wedding scandal. Dumi Mkokstad was set Ablaze when one lady claims that he left her saying he's going to shoot a music video yet he was going to get married.

His wife Dr. Ziphozenkosi also became the talk of the season. According to some people, she seems introverted of which she corrected during her Instagram question & answer and said she does not think she's extroverted as well but she is not an introvert.

Dr. Ziphozenkosi's decision to marry her husband even with so many allegations that he was cheating. One fan said she seems like she loves her husband wholeheartedly and Ziphozenkosi says she believes that no one who does not love their partner genuinely should agree with them.

But most shocking was when she revealed that the baby girl we usually see with Ziphozenkosi and Dumi is not her biological child but her stepdaughter.

It is surprising because the girl looks more like Ziphozenkosi than Dumi. however, she also revealed that she and her husband are planning on expanding their family.

And she said" I'm here for the word plan, we are planning on doing so. Dumi's wife also revealed that she is bossy and likes to be in control. But the holy spirit helps her to do better

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