Connie Ferguson

Thomas Mwasangwale is a Zimbabwean artist who takes pride in this kind of paintings. Very professional and well talented.

So it looks like Connie is very much impressed with the painting that this guy has done on behalf of her late husband. This is a beautiful memory, something that can make her smile. I think this guy has hit a jackpot, because we know that, Connie in response, as a token of appreciation, she is going to pay this guy beautifully, for that painting.

This painting is going to change that guy's life. Yes, there are many people who can paint like that, , but to get recognition for it, it is something else.

This is something that is going to revive this guy's financial life. It is actually a breakthrough, it's like the man has prayed before he could actually do this because so many people can paint out there, but you may not get an opportunity to get the paint to the families of a person that you are painting. Congratulations my brother well done.