Musician and poet Busiswa Gqulu is the latest victim of burglary and theft, two of South Africa’s most common crimes.

The queen of dance is pleading with South Africa to help her recover some of the equipment including laptops, monitors and computer towers that were stolen from her home studio.

Taking to social media on Monday, the “Midnight Starring” hitmaker told her fans that she was offering R40K to anyone with information that would help her retrieve the stolen goods.

While she was grateful that no one was harmed during the incident, Busiswa expressed her sadness at losing equipment worth thousands of rand.

She listed all the stolen items including the black HP I7 computer tower, silver iMac PC, Two black BTX monitors and Blue JBL portable speak.

A legendary hit maker has posted some very painful news on his Instagram account, she has brought to light that her home was robbed... But luckily no one got harmed in the process but she has some serious problem, they have stolen her studio equipment... About 500 of her songs got lost in the process, she was working on releasing some new music.

She's very keen on catching people who stole from her, in her own words she believes that the material that was stolen from her was also the legacy of her children. 

But she says that if anybody can return her studio equipment, she won't involve any police in the situation in fact she's willing to offer a reward of R40 000 but DJ Tira also says, that he's willing to add R10 000. Prayers are pouring in for Busiswa I'm her fan of her music ever since she got her big break, she's been releasing some great music.