Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, known professionally as Makhadzi is a South African singer and musician. Born and raised in Ha-Masia, Limpopo, She is best known for her songs "Tshanda Vhuya" and "Matorokisi."

Makhadzi didn't get where she is today overnight but through hard work and dedication, talent, and the love she has for music it got her where she is today. And it hasn't been easy for her as she had to face criticism but through all of that, she stayed humble and disciplined and is what got her this far.

The entertainment industry needs you to be disciplined when it comes to other things like money and how you spend it, because a lot of celebrities do good for themselves and make a lot of money, but you will be shocked as time goes on they end up with nothing to show that they once had money. That's why some of them die of depression, That's why when you see that things are going well for yourself invest your money into something like a house, you can't buy a car and say it's an investment start with a house because cars get stolen all the time but a house will always be there.

This is what Makhadzi did, Makhadzi is young but she made some smart and wise choices when she decided to build and buy houses for her family. She remembered that she's got a family and it's always wise to remember home when things are going well for you in life because when tables turn and money runs out you will know where to go and who to run to.

Makhadzi left people in shock at only 25 years old when she decided to buy herself a beautiful mansion house, as we speak Makhadzi is trending because of that house and not for the wrong reasons.

It's alleged that not only did Makhadzi buy herself a beautiful mansion house but she also bought houses for the following people her grandmother, father, and mother. But others say she didn't buy those houses she builds them, it doesn't matter whether she bought them or build them, the fact is she did something with her money to please her family members then spend her money with friends and end up with nothing.

This should be a lesson to artists and people out there that with perseverance, Consistency, and Discipline anything it's possible all you have to do is tell yourself that am doing this and always remember where you came from before fame started. Makhadzi has collected blessings for herself by doing all these things for her family.