Thembisa Matu is well known as Patronella whom we see in Mzansi magic The Queen. The actor has been in hospital now for 5 weeks she was diagnosed with Covid.
Thembisa Matu
She is back now on her journey of receiving, she took to her Facebook page to tell her fans that she is better, the actor says that she thanks God for the life she is grateful to be still alive. "I am grateful to God my flesh and spirit are still intact", she went on to thank the Clinton staff, members. Thembisa says that they took care of her body and they did a very good job otherwise she could have died from Covis19.

They took good care of me this whole five weeks, the actress says that she had only one song that was playing on her mind during this time and it is a song from Joyous Celebration it goes as Ndicela undenzele uncedo hlala name. Mentioning that these were the scariest, times for her asking that God may not forsake her. Now that she has fully recovered but her hand not functioning well and thinks that it's all from the drips she was getting that whole time. In addition, the actress said that she was aware of the pass of the late Shona she found out two days after she was discharged and couldn't talk for a moment. I promise to come back and update you on my progress.