The Tshwane Gospel Choir has released the Amadolo live performance video, featuring Joshua Ngcongwane, which is a Shembe praise and worship-inspired performance.

Tshwane Gospel Choir featuring Joshua Ngcongwane
The Tshwane Gospel Choir took to YouTube on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, to avail the Amadolo live performance video, featuring Joshua Ngcongwane. The praise and worship performance is part of The Promised Revival, Part One live-recorded album, which was released in 2021. However, currently, the focus of the choir is promoting the 2021 live-recorded album, The Promised Revival, Part Two. The Promised Revival concert was shot in celebration of the choir’s 10-year anniversary.

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Amadolo is a Shembe-inspired praise and worship. The isiZulu hymn details how the world all bows down to God, looking for direction. The single is led by leading Shembe believer and musician, Ngcongwane. Ngcongwane was enlisted in the attempt to provide authenticity to a predominantly Sesotho, Sepedi or Setswana-speaking choir. Viewers of the live performance video noted that as much as it was an unexpected performance, the choir executed the performance convincingly.

Watch the Amadolo live performance video below.