Thuso Mbedu

Due to political unrest, Thuso Mbedu was vindicated in light of the Gauteng and KZN shutdowns, after she initially received backlash for suggesting that the country is burning.

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Thuso Mbedu took to Twitter on Saturday, 10 July 2021, to state that “South Africa is burning.” The internationally recognised star was referring to the then political unrest in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), in the wake of the #FreeZuma protests. The protests ignited after former resident, Jacob Zuma spent his first night in prison, fulfilling what is set as a 15-month prison stay.

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After Mbedu posted the tweet, she faced a great deal of backlash. At the time, the protest action had not infiltrated other parts of the country yet. Specifically, parts of Johannesburg like the Central Business District (CBD) and other parts of downtown Johannesburg had not experienced major disruptions yet. Therefore, Mbedu was labelled as a sensationalist, due to the fact that the actor was reportedly in Miami, California, continuing her birthday celebrations.

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Although at the time of the backlash, Mbedu was resolute. In one of her replies, she made it clear that she would not be intimidated by cyberbullies by retorting back, “I said what I said. What you read into it is the narrative you have playing in your mind. I wrote four words. Have you ever seen me talk about who I’m in support of or not? You wouldn’t know the answer to that ngoba awungazi (because you do not know me). Uvele wakhetha ukukhuluma inyongo (You chose to speak on what you do not know). I don’t rally.”

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