Pearl Thusi has laughed off the backlash she faced for alleging that R500 billion was looted by state officials, attributing the backlash to cyberbullies.
Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi took to Twitter on Monday, 12 July 2021, to continue commenting on the current political unrest and looting in the country. In one of her posts, the Queen Sono lead stated, “Can they deploy the army for those who looted R500 [billion] that was supposed to save lives?” The question was posed in light of the announcement of the deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to communities that are said to be the most affected by the looting and unrest.

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While the narrative of R500 billion allegedly being looted by state officials when it was meant for COVID-19 relief is one that has been commonly referenced, in Thusi’s comments section, she faced backlash as various comments highlighted how the amount was never R500 billion. Hence, in reading the comments, it seems that they were from Twitter users attempting to garner support in lambasting Thusi, as was convention before her recent hiatus from the platform.

Realising the fact, Thusi laughed off the backlash and started to warn Twitter users using the same narrative to be careful of the backlash they may also face.

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