The latest episode of Survivor SA: Immunity Island saw this season’s double elimination take place, which resulted in Vuna’s Thoriso and Zamba’s Carla being voted off the island.
Survivor SA

M-Net released a statement on Thursday, 1 July 2021, confirming the double elimination of Carla and Thoriso from Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island. The recent episode of the eighth season of the local spin-off marked the surprise double elimination episode, as both the Vuna and Zamba tribe went to tribal council. The reward challenge, which was lost by Zamba was to decide which tribe would be privy to the tribal council of the other.

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According to the statement, “Having already voted out tricky Thoriso at their own Tribal Council, Vuna feasted on boerewors rolls on the Jury bench as they watched Zamba make a meal of blindsiding Carla in the first double-Tribal of Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island. “

The statement added, “Vuna then moved over to the Jury bench to feast while witnessing Zamba’s Tribal Council. The food distracted Zamba and saw Shaun ranting about Vuna’s attitude and the way former tribemates have acted towards their one-time allies. Zamba’s feedback to Nico all pointed to the fact that they’d be voting out someone who they saw as strong opposition later in the game, giving Chappies – whose name came up a few times in conversation at camp – a few palpitations, but ultimately the votes went Carla’s way in a blindside she would have been proud of.”

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