Supta has released what marks his second single of the year with the afro and dance-house and amapiano-infused single, Amajuba, featuring Aymos and Peekay Mzee.
Supta featuring Aymos and Peekay Mzee

Supta took to Instagram on Friday, 9 July 2021, to confirm the availability of his new single, Amajuba, featuring vocalist, Aymos, and producer-DJ, Peekay Mzee. The single marks his second official release of the year, following the release of his first single, Haha, featuring Lady Zamar. The single marks Supta’s attempt to incorporate the current dominant sound of amapiano with his signature of producing afro and dance house singles.

According to a statement by Universal Music Group Africa, “Supta has made his introductions a signature. Together with Peekay Mzee they go on to produce a beat with lo-fi and a bassline that keeps the tempo. As the song breaks open, it begins a kaleidoscope of instrumentation meeting layered vocal harmonies. Synthesized hi-hats and keys replete as Aymos croons as he rides the beat.”

Adding, “Aymos manages to enter the listener into a dream state. First detailing the good years of falling and staying in love. Eventually, the love ends and Aymos sings about hoping rather than knowing that everything is meant to happen as it happens.”

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Amajuba below.