Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma has confirmed that the latest episode of The Queen marked her departure from the show, as she shared a touching post after the episode.

Ntando Duma took to Instagram on Monday, 12 July 2021, to confirm her departure from The Queen. Duma played the character of Mpho Sebata, who was part of the gangster family introduced in light of the departure of the Mabuza clan. The latest episode marked her departure, as she died during the ending of the episode. Duma’s departure was previously reported, as the star is reportedly already working on a new production.

In her touching post, Duma wrote, “My deepest gratitude to Mr. Sho, Mama Connie and the entire Ferguson Film’s team for the opportunity granted and for the trust they had placed in me in portraying this character. What a magnificent experience!”

Duma did not share the post on Twitter, which could be because of various reasons. Firstly, it could be attributed to her recent debacle over parking in a disabled parking lot, and the backlash she received on the platform. Secondly, the matter of her acting skills since portraying Mpho have come under fire multiple times on Twitter, which could also be another reason. Therefore, her reflecting on her experience on the app would have only drawn ridicule rather than congratulations.

See the post below.