Yebo Teacher music video,

Moonchild Sanelly has released the Yebo Teacher music video, which is in support of the single that was released on the same day.

Moonchild Sanelly took to Instagram on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, to announce the availability of the Yebo Teacher music video. The visuals were released on the same day as the single, which was produced by amapiano pioneer, Josiah De Disciple. Moreover, the significance of the single is that it marks the first single by Sanelly this year.

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The single is a fusion of amapiano and Sanelly’s electronic and alternative dance music style. Lyrically, Sanelly uses the term “Yebo teacher,” which translates to “Yes ma’am,” to highlight various schooling contexts. Katya Abedian-Rawháni, the director of the music video, uses the introduction of the song to subvert the premise, in an attempt to portray the actual meaning of the song. Therefore, the music video starts with Sanelly playing the role of a teacher, attempting to discipline unruly male learners.

However, as the song breaks into the hook, the context of the song takes a more suggestive term. This is as the “Yes ma’am,” begins to allude to Sanelly suggesting that she is looking for a submissive man to listen to her instructions, with her as the dominant partner.

Watch the Yebo Teacher music video below.