Moja Love’s airing of the latest episode of Rea Tsotella sparked conversation because of the appearance of Thabo and his supposed command of the English language.
Rea Tsotella

Moja Love took to Twitter on Wednesday, 7 July 2021, to share a preview of the then-upcoming episode of Rea Tsotella. The episode featured a woman who expressed that she feels she is being ganged up on by the men in her family. The woman explained that there are two men who live with her that are making her life a living hell. Her aim was to receive advice on how to handle the matter, yet, all it took was the introduction of Thabo to shift the narrative in a different direction.

The show first dealt with the most elderly man, Bongani’s alleged mistreatment. Bongani attempted to showcase his innocence, which turned out to only make him look more guilty. He suggested that he antagonises the woman in question by suggesting that she killed her husband because she has supposedly said it herself in the past. However, his stuttering and incoherent story resulted in the viewers further believing that he really is the instigator.

However, the show shifted in mood and trajectory following the introduction of Thabo. Thabo is the younger sibling, who was seemingly enveloped in his family’s dreams of success. Thabo was sent to a so-called Model C school, with the hopes that better education would afford him opportunities. However, his educational background only seemed to have earned him being affluent in the language and nothing else.

Thabo could not stitch a coherent statement whenever he was asked a direct question. The only question he could seemingly answer directly, was the question on narcotics, as he was adamant that he was not under the influence. However, judging by his overall appearance and demeanour, the audience believed that Thabo was being dishonest in his answer, more so after he declined the offer to be booked into rehab to confront his alleged addiction. Thabo was ultimately the most valuable player (MVP) of the episode, as he shifted the focus from the matter to himself.