On the latest episode of Life With Kelly Khumalo, Kelly Khumalo revealed a new detail about her infamous relationship with Senzo Meyiwa, shocking her fans.
Kelly Khumalo

On Thursday, 1 July 2021, Showmax aired the latest episode of Life With Kelly Khumalo. The show had previously established the themes to explore this season. The latest episode kicked into full gear, unpacking the ongoing rebellion expressed by her son, Christian. 
In this episode, Khumalo reaches out to her therapist, to have a family therapy session with the counsellor, in an attempt to rehabilitate her son. The move was applauded by viewers, as it continues to showcase her love and dedication for her children. However, the counselling session highlighted another moment the fans could not overcome.

While discussing her current dating dynamic, which she introduced in the past weeks, Kelly shared a new fact about her relationship with the late football star, Senzo Meyiwa. Khumalo is reportedly in between relationships with aliases Mr Mayor and Mr PSL. She revealed that she is more drawn to Mr PSL, due to the affection he shows and his availability. Khumalo revealed that she fears falling for Mr PSL, as it may rehash her past feelings for Meyiwa.

During her relationship with Meyiwa, Khumalo was labelled the other woman, as Senzo was still married to his estranged wife. At the time of the revelation, the two women reportedly got into a physical altercation over Meyiwa. Khumalo was labelled as the other woman, and their story has continued to be imbued with controversy, still to this day.

With the airing of the latest episode, Khumalo revealed that she only found out about the marital status of Meyiwa when she was three months pregnant. By then, she was in love and expecting their first and only child. Khumalo further expressed that she is fully committed once she is in love. The revelation added a new understanding to the dynamics of her relationship with Meyiwa.