Coming up on Die Sentrum in August 2021:

Kobus is on cloud nine

Thursday 5 August 2021
Episode 35

Kobus and Marietjie’s relationship goes to the next level, Kelly finds a place to stay and Xolani and Bapsi pull a fast one on Imaad.

Friday 6 August 2021
Episode 36

Kobus’ mom finds out about his secret relationship. Muzi struggles with the unexpected guests in his home, while Imaad’s family berates him about his life choices.

Thursday 12 August 2021
Episode 37

Things go from bad to worse for Dustin when things fall apart between his parents. Imaad gets a mysterious, threatening call that confirms his suspicions about Bapsi and Xolani.

Friday 13 August 2021
Episode 38

Kobus is on cloud nine, Muzi gets advice from Steve about Kelly and Imaad tells Buhle about the call.

Thursday 19 August 2021
Episode 39

Kobus tells Marietjie how his mother feels about her. Nathan complains to Kelly’s mother which leads to a confrontation between the two women. Abdul tries to rope Imaad back into the family business, but things don’t turn out well.

Friday 20 August 2021
Episode 40

The conflict between Esmee, Kobus and Marietjie leads to a medical emergency for one of them. Muzi makes a breakthrough with Lucas, but how long will it last? Daleen’s alcohol abuse leads to conflict with a police officer.

Thursday 26 August 2021
Episode 41

Esmee comes home to an unpleasant surprise, Imaad and Abdul clash and Daleen starts to unravel.

Friday 27 August 2021
Episode 42

Esmee plots to get rid of Marietjie. Xolani threatens Imaad. Muzi is desperate to find Lucas.

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