Amanda du-Pont has raised alarm on the current political unrest in eSwatini, as she was born and has roots in the country that is currently experiencing ongoing violence.
Amanda du-Pont

Amanda du-Pont took to Instagram on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, to raise awareness on and call for political intervention for her country of origin, eSwatini. For the past few days, news reports have been detailing the ongoing political unrest in the country. This was after the passing of a university student, allegedly at the hands of the royal police, sparked national outrage directed at the country’s monarchy. The public is currently rebelling against the state and monarchy, with the monarchy allegedly retaliating with violence.

Moreover, it has been alleged that networks have been blocked to prevent communication into or out of the country. Therefore, the belief is that citizens are relying on nationals in other countries, like du-Pont, to raise awareness on the situation. In her post, du-Pont penned a lengthy message which, in part stated, “I have been silent in fear of my family’s lives who are in eSwatini, that they might be targeted. This is a revolution and we as the youth and promise of tomorrow stand up against an absolute monarchy!”

Adding, “The people are fighting for a multi-party democracy and basic human rights taken away by monarchy. Majority of our country is poverty stricken and has had enough of the repressive government.”

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