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Begusarai Teasers - May 2021

Saturday 1 May 2021

Episode 11

Phulan returns and just before he can intervene, Sayra Bano tells him only the future leader of Begusarai can stop the war. Lakhan and Mithilesh both prepare to eliminate one another.

Episode 12

Priyom tells Poonam how he manages to get rid of Bindiya and stop the war. Priyom tells Bindiya to leave and never return. Poonam stands up to Lakhan. Bindiya joins forces with Chuna Yadav. Can the two of them take down the Thakurs?

Sunday 2 May 2021

Episode 13

Bindiya organises a full on attack on the Thakur family but before that she manages to isolate both Priyom and Mithilesh from the rest of the family. Will Phulan and his family live to see another day?

Episode 14

Manjeeta finally puts Lakhan in his place. Poonam decides to do something she has never done before. Bindiya turns her attention to Priyom after she overhears Phulan and his mom talking about how Priyom is the next ruler of Begusarai.

Saturday 8 May 2021

Episode 15

Bindiya focuses her attention on Poonam, as she is under the impression that Poonam made Priyom fall for her. Bindiya releases a snake into the Thakur house.

Episode 16

Priyom sees someone from his past and he becomes determined to find her. Bindiya tells Ghungroo all about her plan. Priyom helps Poonam come out of her comfort zone.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Episode 17

Lakhan walks in and discovers that his mother is trying to fix a marriage proposal for him. It becomes clear that the unknown woman Priyom was so desperate to find means more than meets the eye.

Episode 18

Mithilesh goes over to Lakhan to try and reason with him. Poonam slaps Priyom after seeing him holding Shravani. Najma tells Poonam that her friendship with Priyom has turned into love. Could Najma be right has Poonam fallen for Priyom?

Saturday 15 May 2021

Episode 19

Priyom gets back from Patna, little does he know about the surprise from his grandma that was waiting for him. Lakhan makes it clear that he is no longer related to Priyom. Bindiya implements her plan to trap Priyom.

Episode 20

Lakhan promises to destroy and ruin his uncle and the whole of Begusarai. Poonam goes against Sayra Bano and offers Priyom food. Lakhan sends a message to everyone in Begusarai who plans to marry Poonam.

Sunday 16 May 2021

Episode 21

Priyom pays Lakhan a visit, unfortunately things don't go according to plan. Phulan makes it clear to Lakhan after his actions, he will never marry Poonam. Phulan makes a decision that stuns everyone. What could this decision be?

Episode 22

Priyom agrees to get married to Poonam, but does it mean he loves her as well? Phulan orders Manjeeta to put Lakhan under house arrest. Bindiya takes it upon herself to set Lakhan free. Will her plan succeed?

Saturday 22 May 2021

Episode 23

Poonam catches Priyom and Priya together. Lakhan attempts to snatch Poonam. Priya tells Poonam that Priyom is busy changing his ways thanks to her.

Episode 24

Phulan and his men search for Lakhan, not knowing he was right under their noses. Priyom realises the letter Poonam read isn't the same one he wrote. Priyom makes it clear that he doesn't want to marry Poonam.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Episode 25

Priyom outsmarts Lakhan and just as it looks like Lakhan is cornered, he somehow escapes. Lakhan, with the help of Bindiya, kidnaps Mithilesh's kids and he threatens to kill them if he doesn't get his Poonam.

Episode 26

Phulan switches Poonam with someone else thinking he'd fool Lakhan. Lakhan on the other hand sends Pintu and Soni's clothes full of blood to the house. Priyom takes matters into his own hands as he plays mind games with Dolt.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Episode 27

Daroga follows Dolt hoping to find Lakhan's hideout and with only under an hour left, can Priyom find and save the children? Phulan starts to suspect that someone else pulled all the strings for Lakhan's plans.

Episode 28

Bindiya manipulates Mithilesh's mind and he ends up pointing a gun at his father. Poonam gets trapped in her room. Phulan personally asks Bindiya to leave Begusarai and never return. Will Bindiya go without a fight?

Sunday 30 May 2021

Episode 29

It becomes clear that Priyom has also fallen in love with Poonam. Lakhan devises a plan to escape Begusarai with Poonam. Priyom finds out, all about Lakhan’s plan to leave the city.

Episode 30

Lakhan takes Poonam to a temple out of Begusarai. Bhushan manages to trace Lakhan and he informs Priyom first. Priyom makes it his mission to bring Poonam back, question is he too late?

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