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Friday 1 January 2021
Episode 3721
Gugu is shocked that Moliehi faked her death. Tenda updates Mpho on Azwindini's problems with the King. Vho-Mukondeleli is in pain after last night. James has been exonerated. Mpho tries to help Azwindini but he rejects her assistance. KK is livid that the authorities found out that Moliehi was alive.

The Royal House confronts the reality of having to depose Azwindini. Rendani and the girls gossip about last night and Vhutshilo is celebrated. Azwindini turns down Masindi's suggestion that he depose the council. James suspects that Moliehi had help in pulling off her fake death ploy.

Vho-Masindi confronts Mulimisi about putting strange ideas in Azwindini's head. Susan apologises for not believing in her son. Vho-Masindi challenges Azwindini to not take his deposition lying down. KK suspects that Kgosi is the one who wrote the letter.
Monday 4 January 2021
Episode 3722
KK lambasts Kgosi for betraying him. Azwindini is not invited to a ceremony at the King's house. James wants to find out who helped Moliehi fake her death. Vho-Masindi tries in vain to get Mulimisi to stop the King from deposing Azwindini. Susan encourages Azwindini to fight.

Imani has organised a mini celebration for James at the office. Azwindini apologises to Susan for hurting her. Vhutshilo doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. Vho-Masindi tries in vain to get Susan to talk some sense into Azwindini. Tenda tells James that KK helped Moliehi fake her death.

Vhutshilo announces that he's moving to Joburg. Vho-Makhadzi confirms that they've been snubbed for the event at the King's house. James confronts KK. 
Tuesday 5 January 2021
Episode 3723
Vho-Masindi tries to get Vho-Makhadzi to prevent Azwindini getting dethroned. Marang tells James to let this go. KK forgives Kgosi. Vho-Masindi chastises Azwindini for quitting. Kgosi welcomes Vhutshilo in Joburg. Marang and James fight when James insists on seeing Moliehi's body.

Vhutshilo is unhappy about his father's resignation from the Chieftaincy. Gizara tries to talk Azwindini out of his decision to abdicate the throne. Vhutshilo and Kgosi hang out together. Azwindini announces his resignation. Azwindini explains why he is doing what he is doing. 
Wednesday 6 January 2021
Episode 3724
Vhutshilo is getting a bit too comfortable at Hulisani's apartment. Hulisani makes it clear that he is not happy to have Vhutshilo around. Phusuphusu reports to Mulalo that Azwindini has abdicated. Mulalo demands answers from the royal council. Vho-Makhadzi tells Mulalo to be patient.

Kgosi throws up after breakfast. Tenda fires Gugu. Kgosi comes home early and collapses. Gugu tells KK that she will take MMC to court for unfair dismissal. Something invisible and sinister is in KK's house.
Thursday 7 January 2021
Episode 3725
Kgosi returns from hospital still adamant that there's a sinister force in KK's house. Teboho is kicked out of the royal house by an angry Susan when she starts taking pictures of what she will change when her family moves in. Marang asks Imani, Rendani and Itumeleng to be her maid of honour and bride's maids.

KK enters the secret door and comes out spooked making a call to a mystery woman. Susan is worried that they will lose the royal house should Mulalo become chief but Azwindini reassures her it won't happen. The mystery woman, known as Master, arrives and goes into the secret room to investigate.

Mulalo reveals to Teboho and Vho-Mukondeleli that Tendamudzimu has demanded the royal council to instate him as chief as soon as possible. Master tells KK he has not been feeding amaboys and they are unhappy.
Friday 8 January 2021 
Episode 3726
Vhutshilo's DJ-ing steps on Hulisani's toes. KK invites a young woman to come over. Azwindini realises he is in trouble, financially. Hangwani and Rendani are shocked when they learn Azwindini resigned. Teboho tells Mpho not to come to the inauguration and Tenda is also not invited.

Azwindini tastes the ramifications of being off the throne. Phusuphusu crows superior over the others, shooting himself in the foot.  Rendani and Hulisani return home to an unpleasant surprise. The elders warn Mulalo to keep Phusuphusu away. Letsatsi arrives to service KK's dark forces.
Monday 11 January 2021
Episode 3727
Kgosi encounters Letsatsi and his suspicions about his father's shenanigans deepen. Vho-Masindi walks in on Makhadzi and Gizara talking about Azwindini. Mulalo betrays Phusuphusu. Phusuphusu threatens him. KK wants Marang back. Marang is not interested.

Azwindini realizes his power was based on his connection to the royal house. Vhutshilo asks Kgosi for a loan. KK buys Marang an expensive bracelet. Rendani agrees to lend Vhutshilo some money. Kgosi sees KK disappearing inside a secret nook in the house and is intrigued.
Tuesday 12 January 2021
Episode 3728
Vho-Masindi is overjoyed to see Vhutshilo. Kgosi is curious about what's behind the secret door. Rendani lies to Susan about the state of affairs in her home. Marang doesn't want to tell James about KK's advances. Phusuphusu offers to help Vho-Masindi sabotage Mulalo's inauguration.

Marang avoids KK. Tendamudzimu wants to go to the inauguration even if not invited. Kgosi is freaked when he discovers what is inside the secret room. KK orders Kgosi to forget what he saw in the secret room. Rendani doesn't want to fight with Hulisani. 
Wednesday 13 January 2021
Episode 3729
KK gets stuck in the lift, but makes nothing of it. The Inauguration is underway. Phusuphusu and Masindi's plan fails and they're left with egg on their faces. A rattled Vhutshilo arrives 'home'. The lift doors are opened when KK is on the brink of death.

Vho-Masindi appeals to Azwindini not to throw away his birth right. Mpho tells Tenda she's waiting for the dust to settle before she serves Azwindini with divorce. Mulalo is given his chiefly name. KK has to sacrifice a life in order in order to appease Amaboys.
Thursday 14 January 2021
Episode 3730
Azwindini attends Mulalo's inauguration but much to everyone's surprise doesn't disrupt it. Master wants KK to sacrifice Kgosi in order to appease "amaboys". Mulalo is given a new name as chief. KK tries to get rid of 'amaboys' but it backfires and he lands up with a nasty burn on his hand.

Tensions between Vhutshilo and Hulisani reach fever pitch after Vhutshilo finishes Hulisani's protein powder. KK asks Hangwani to take Kgosi in but doesn't explain why. Vho-Masindi warns Mulalo's family doomsday is near. It's only a matter of time before Mulalo goes crazy and hurts his son.

Armed robbers' storm into the MMC building where KK and Marang are. After talking it through with Teboho, Mulalo is confident about his future and role on the throne. KK gets shot trying to protect Marang who doesn't want to give up her engagement ring.
Friday 15 January 2021
Episode 3731
KK is alive. James grudgingly thanks KK for saving Marang's life. Teboho doesn't get the attention she expects as first lady. Vho-Masindi warns Azwindini that his troubles are only beginning. Kgosi confronts Master. James is worried when Marang wants to go view wedding venues instead of staying at home.

Rendani apologizes to Susan. Mulalo asks Teboho to spearhead the royal house renovations. James and Marang can't agree on the venue. Hangwani wants to know what's going on between Kgosi and KK.Master tells KK that bad things will keep happening to him until he does a blood sacrifice for "amaboys".
Monday 18 January 2021
Episode 3732
Mulalo interrupts the royal council to make his case of staying at the royal house. Gugu is unmoved that KK got shot but Mbali wants to send him gifts. Susan comes down hard on Vhutshilo for chasing his DJ dreams and demands he returns home to help the family. Vho-Masindi tells Susan to prepare for the worst.

KK sets his sights on Mbali for the blood sacrifice. The elders decide to concede to Mulalo and let him move in to royal house. Vhutshilo is running out of options of where to stay. Marang cries on KK's shoulder, reliving the armed robbery nightmare. The elders tell Azwindini he has to move out.

KK lures Mbali to his house under false pretences. KK makes a move on Mbali and spikes her drink. Mulalo has a confrontation with Azwindini and refuses to stand down. KK seduces Mbali and makes a move on her but she's not ready. Vhutshilo arrives at Hangwani's house.
Tuesday 19 January 2021
Episode 3733
Hangwani is shocked to find Vhutshilo in her home. Vho-Makhadzi puts Vho-Masindi in her place. KK asks Mbali out on a date. Azwindini commands Vhangani to throw Mulalo out of the royal house. Marang gets a gun. Azwindini asks to leave the royal house with his dignity intact.

Marang asks KK to teach her to use a gun. Mulalo and Teboho celebrate victory. Master tells KK to leave Mbali alone in the bedroom with 'amaboys'. Shaz convinces Vhutshilo to return to Hangwani's house with her - she will protect him. KK gives Mbali a diamond bracelet. Azwindini bids the royal house farewell.
Wednesday 20 January 2021
Episode 3734
Susan pleads with Azwindini to stand down. KK changes his mind about letting 'ama-boys' out. Shaz stands up to Hangwani and protects Vhutshilo. KK dumps Mbali. Susan confronts Vho-Makhadzi and Gizara. They are to blame for her husband's breakdown. Master wants KK to sleep with her.

Vhangani declares his loyalty to Azwindini. Vhutshilo and Shaz connect over their shared lack of parental support. KK is spent after sleeping with Master. Mbali gets a text from KK asking her to come over. Mbali arrives at KK's house and finds Master. 
Thursday 21 January 2021
Episode 3735
KK is shocked when he gets home and finds Mbali tied up. Azwindini is angry about Vho-Masindi's betrayal. KK frees Mbali. Teboho gets the house fumigated. James finds a gun in Marang's bag. Vho-Masindi asks Vho-Mukondeleli to plead her case to Mulalo.

James confides in Imani that he feels that he and Marang are growing apart. Susan is pleasantly surprised by the quality of Vhutshilo's musical creations. KK offers Mbali money to leave town. Susan gives Vhutshilo her support. Kgosi finds out that KK was in a car accident.
Friday 22 January 2021
Episode 3736
Kgosi doesn't want Shaz and Vhutshilo at the hospital with his father due to their amaboys secret. KK returns home from hospital and learns from Master that the accident was just the beginning if he doesn't give amaboys what they want.

Shaz and Vhutshilo discuss Kgosi's strange behaviour and Marang finds out KK was in an accident. Amaboys target Marang and she collapses on a visit to KK's house. Vho-Masindi arrives for the family meal and Teboho humiliates her by relegating her to a different seat.

Tendamudzimu visits Azwindini and taunts him about his new station in life. Susan speaks to Vho-Masindi about making peace with Azwindini, but like her son, she demands an apology first. Azwindini grapples with his decision to step down from the throne. Master tells KK that amaboys want him to sacrifice Marang.
Monday 25 January 2021
Episode 3737
KK brings Marang home. Susan is up at the crack of dawn and starts to clean. Teboho has grand plans for Thathe. Azwindini exhibits a lack of consideration for the work that Susan does around the house. KK confronts Master for suggesting he sacrifice Marang.

Vho-Masindi intercepts Teboho as she's chucking things away and confiscates them. KK rages against amaboys. Susan wants to continue working double-shifts and realizes Azwindini hasn't unpacked the boxes as promised.

KK wakes up on the floor, half-naked. KK leaves the house in just his underwear. Azwindini wakes Susan to make him food. James fears that Marang is getting cold feet. Azwindini insults Susan's cooking. KK arrives at work in just his underwear.
Tuesday 26 January 2021
Episode 3738
KK is mortified when he realises everybody saw him in his underwear. The video of KK in his underwear goes viral. Azwindini and Susan argue and resolve to stick to their designated roles. KK thinks he is losing his mind. Kgosi helps his father leave the building.

Marang assures James she is not getting cold feet and wants to marry him. Susan has left without preparing anything for Azwindini. Azwindini has hired Mpfareni for the day. Azwindini cannot pay Mpfareni and Susan refuses to pay his debt.
Wednesday 27 January 2021
Episode 3739
Vho-Masindi is furious when the royal throne disappears. Teboho replaces the old throne with a new one. Susan asks Azwindini for money for groceries. Azwindini fails to send Susan the money. Azwindini learns that he can't sell the house he built for Mpho because it's in her name.

Master tells Kgosi that she can't help KK. Kgosi leaves to consult with Mulimisi. Marang promises James she will get rid of the gun. Imani and James almost kiss. KK discovers scales growing on his arm.
Thursday 28 January 2021
Episode 3740
Kgosi asks for Mulimisi's help. Susan contextualizes how she's been considerate of Azwindini, but he's not been considerate of her. Vho-Masindi demands to know where the old throne is, and she goes and fetches it from the garage.

KK finds out that 'ama-boys' are taking him over. Kgosi visits Vho-Masindi. Teboho consults Mulimisi about the throne. Susan and Azwindini discuss his other wives and children. KK attacks Mulimisi. Kgosi realizes that KK has become a danger to others. 
Friday 29 January 2021
Episode 3741
Imani regrets sleeping with James. James declares his feelings for her. Vho-Masindi confronts Teboho when she gets rid of the old throne. James almost comes clean to Marang. Pfuluwani struts back into our world. Pfuluwani feels neglected by Azwindini. They blame each other for their marriage problems.

Vho-Masindi sabotages the new throne. Kgosi and Master decide to lock KK inside the house. Pfuluwani tells Azwndini that he's destroyed her son's chances of ascending the throne. James admits that he wants to be with Imani and wants to stop the wedding. The scales have spread all over KK's body.

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