A Gauteng dad was arrested for rushing out after curfew to purchase formula for his newborn baby from a local hospital. The Centurion dad reportedly made his way to Netcare Unitas Hospital at around 1am on Friday. His wife was struggling to breastfeed their then-two-day-old baby. 

newborn after curfew

Due to the lack of nutrition in their newborn, the father rushed out of his house to purchase formula. 

On his way back, the man was stopped by police who questioned him. He showed proof of his purchase to the officers but was still arrested. 

According to TimesLive, the father's lawyer, Lily Rautenbach, stated that he was released later that day on a warning and is expected to appear in court soon. IOL reported that the mother ended up walking alone to the police station to fetch the milk and the car keys from her husband.