Katlego Maboe

Katlego Maboe is trending for the wrong reasons once again. The media personality has been implicated in yet another incident of infidelity, according to reports. 

Entertainment blogger, Phil Mphela has reported that as a Lay’s Chips ambassador, Katlego had sex in a hotel in Kiev with a woman who won a competition hosted by the brand. 

Phil went on to say: "While the cheating & STD revelations were a private matter and Maboe could have survived it, latest revelations alleging he used his position for sex may be harder to overcome. The sex was reportedly consensual but this will hurt his chances of ever working with brands."

The allegations resulted in Mzansi weighing in on the storm of scandals surrounding the TV presenter. Social media user

black_Azannia said: "I feel for him, I guess his ex-wife is intentionally on a mission to completely destroy him period."

Vusi0071 said: "Twitter advocates of Katleho Maboe, here's another job in your hands to defend him unconditionally like you always do."

LLCoolHun said: "So if it was consensual, this means the person who leaked this information is the wife. I'm guessing even back then,he was caught cheating and he sang like a bird when they asked "What's her name?" Yhoooo!"

NtandoMntungwa said: "The people complaining about Katlego Maboe again and how unfair he is being treated forget that he is CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to conduct himself in a certain manner. That's what you sign up for when you're a brand ambassador."