Jackie Phamotse

Talk about drama! Controversial author Jackie Phamotse is trending on social media after she dropped a video discussing some very dark things. The media personality accused certain famous faces of using snakes and witchcraft to achieve success. Although she did not name anyone, Jackie dropped enough hints to make some social media users draw their own conclusions. 

Jackie said that celebs will lie about getting endorsements and selling products but actually be using dark magic to get money. She also added that there are usually a few men behind some celebrities, funding their lifestyles. Jackie went on to say that it was the reason many women hid their boyfriends and used the excuse of wanting privacy.

Her claims rocked social media as many weighed in with divided opinions. Some social media users felt that she was just looking for attention while others shared her suspicions. Some even pulled out an old video shared by Sbahle Mpisane of a snake casually slithering in someone's house. Scary! 

Twitter user 

PleasureLand_SA said: "She is crazy this one." 

Kumkanikazie1M said: "Either crazy or unomona, black people's success always associated nobuloyi or sangomas that we can't do it on our own." 

mphosimango25 said: "The is this guy who seems to make a lot of money and living larger on Insta and Twitter but no one how he makes his money." 

STILES9722 said: "How is it that we are shocked at things she spoke about? I mean these things have been happening for the longest of times and we have heard numerous stories similar to what she spoke. Am sure y'all remember the hummer days and all these things are real."

Source: https://www.theedgesearch.com/2020/11/jackie-phamotse-author-accuses.html