Mimie Moana

Mimie Moana, one of the ladies who died in a fatal car crash with popular socialite Ginimbi had earlier talked about her death before the accident. Ginimbi, 36, was said to be a successful petroleum trader before his untimely death. After the news broke on social media, several fans and followers of the young man flooded his official page on Instagram to express sadness over his death. A clip of Moana, who was a video vixen and fitness coach, showed her crying as she talked about her own death.

Mimie Moana died in a car crash on Sunday, November 8. Photo credit: iHarareNews, ZiNews24.com Source: UGC She was said to be returning home from her birthday party alongside Ginimbi and two others when their Rolls Royce crashed and exploded. The sad incident happened on Sunday, November 8, around Borrowdale Road in Harare.

Watch Moana's video below: