Floyd Mayweather

Undefeated boxing king Floyd Mayweather is already warming up to become a grandfather as his daughter Iyanna is expecting her first child. The 20-year-old confirmed she is carrying a baby of an NBA player's son - although, she refused to name the baby-father. She confirmed the development on her official Instagram page with an adorable picture showing her bump with a caption that reads 'fat *ss'. Her father, popularly referred to as the 'Money Man', was said to have confirmed his daughter's present condition.

According to capitalxtra, many waited for the young lady to confirm the news despite hearing Floyd speak about it already during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked. Mayweather added that he does not try getting into his daughter's private business.

"What I try not to do is get into her personal business.

Because once she's no longer under my roof then, you know what, it's between her and her better half. My thing is this: it has to do with your upbringing.

"It starts in the home first. So what I've always taught my daughter is this -- always be respectful when you go to anyone's home.

"And whatever goes on in your home, don't talk about it to the world. And far as -- 'cause I look at NBA Youngboy as a child.

"I can't get upset with a kid like that. With this new generation, kids, you know, kids talk about pills and kids talk about syrup."