Boity's mind is clearly hot and bothered, but it's not only the weather that's got her feeling some kind of way. The star took to Twitter to openly thirst over some pictures of British boxer, Anthony Joshua. 

Boity retweeted the shirtless photos of the boxing champ and let her followers figure out what she meant. She captioned the retweet simply with "Thixo!" and some emojis since no Twitter user could misunderstand what she meant. 

Boity joined the rest of the world in thinking British boxer Anthony Joshua is a hottie. 


  • @boity/Instagram, Getty Images Source: Getty Images Some were there for Boity: 
  • @PhayoMDlamini: "U Boity uyakufuna we Anthony." 
  • @PhayoMDlamini: "Sofuna ukuba no bestie oyi long distance?" Others were just there for themselves and their own thirst: 
  • @ItsAmyTx: "Sweet lord have mercy. With open mouth and cold sweat... That smile kills me... and oh yeah... Good boxing stuff too." 

Anthony Joshua posted the photos to both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. The snaps were part of a campaign for luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet but clearly nobody on the internet, including Boity, was looking at his wrist.