Vusi Ngubane

Zodwa Wabantu is not doing so well and has been sharing her frustrations on social media. The entertainer believes that her ex-boyfriend Vusi Ngubane scammed her and wants her money back. 

After posting a series of explosive posts, Zodwa trended as social media users weighed in on her drama. Even some Mzansi celebrities couldn't help but chip in their two cents on the matter.

He said: “Can I also be fed, I don’t mind being straight for you Zodwa! I’m in your DMs check” Zodwa seem amused by the comment and responded with laughing emojis. 

Even Ntsiki Mazwai weighed in on the issue. She expressed compassion for Zodwa and said that she wished she could be her friend. 

Taking to Twitter, Mawai said: "Sometimes I wish I was your friend. So I could hug you, listen to you and go buck wild alongside with you emapatini. I see you have been TOO hurt. I see me in you when you lash out. Sometimes I just wish we were friends... Even though you swear at me too. I love you Zodwa wethu" \