If your business is at its initial stages, the fastest way of making more revenue with a limited amount of investment would be availing best press release distribution services. 

Both free and paid press releases are readily available, it’s just a question of what works best for you within the limited budget constraints. In order to make a choice between the two, it’s important to know which one’s better and the benefits they provide.
What do you need to know about free press releases?
It totally makes sense if you want to minimize the costs as much as possible. In that case, notice that free press releases can be beneficial too, however, they won’t be able to create the same impact as the paid services. 
The principle “you get what you invest in” definitely applies here! Following are some ways in which free press releases differ from the paid ones:
  • It is comparatively more time taking as they don’t post your content online instantly
  • It requires you to do more work in terms of finding the relevant information (publishing or distribution services)
  • The websites on which the press releases are posted are better when you pay for Press release distribution service rather than when you don’t.
Notice that the reach will always be better with paid services, however, free press releases are an affordable and cost-effective option. You need to question whether the service provides value to the work you spend hours preparing or not.
What does investment in paid distribution mean for your business?
You are more likely going to get your press release published on a well-known website if you’re paying for it. Most importantly, these websites have a lot of audiences visiting them, which results in an exponential growth of your business. 
The best part? It is way less time consuming as compared to free distribution services. Just imagine the thrill of seeing your headline and content on these famous websites. 

The best way to judge Best press release distribution service is by comparing the stats and analytics. This helps you have an idea of actually how many people opened your press release, and how many of them subscribed or visited your account. 
This sort of information can prove to be really handy when deciding the impact these services are making on an average. It’s true that you have to invest in them, however, they’re totally worth the money you’re investing if you get the work done properly on time.

There is no one answer to which service is better. It entirely depends on the kind of business you have and the stage it’s in. 
There might be some drawbacks to free distribution services, but it balances out with the exclusive benefit of no cost. 
Similarly, paid press releases might sound like an expensive option, but it provides you benefits that are exclusive in nature. Hire the Best press release distribution service according to your business requirements and start earning revenue today!