Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo has shared his outrage about an advert promoting chicken necks and gizzards "for your domestic worker".

CY Frozen Foods in Musina, Limpopo, went viral over the weekend when it included the line “for your domestic worker, we have chicken necks, gizzards, head and feet” in its advert for meat products.

Somizi was shocked by the advert and took to Instagram to slam the company.

He said domestic workers play a huge role in society and should be treated with respect.

“Domestic workers play a huge role in our lives. They don't deserve such disrespect. Thina, our home is also Caroline's home. She eats whatever we eat, and if she wants she can drink whatever.”

Somizi said the company should apologise to “our mothers, sisters and aunts”.

Radio host Anele Mdoda called the ad a “rubbish move”.