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If you've missed the preview for it, you'll find it here: Coming soon: Gangaa - Zee World's new 21h00 novel

Latest Updates Coming up on Gangaa 3 this January 2020:

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Episode 36

While Niranjan and Madvhi are renewing their vows, Yash comes and has an agenda to ruin everything on this special day. But, will the plan work?

Thursday 2 January 2020
Episode 37

Madvhi gives Niranjan medicine from the false prophet that lead him to the hospital. The false prophet is at the Chaturvedi mansion and has gathered all of them to blame Krishna for the bad things happening at the mansion. Camera's are secrely installed. 

Friday 3 January 2020
Episode 38

Seeing that the false prophet placed camera's around the Chaturvedi it has become so easy for her to lie to Kanta and Madvhi. Madvi kicks Gangaa and Sagar out of the house because they the only two that don't believe in the false prophet.

Saturday 4 January 2020
Episode 39

Gangaa is convinced the false prophet is up to no good, she opens up to Sagar but he is supporting his mother in this situation. The only thing that Gangaa believes can save Niranjan is the bone marrow test but the false prophet paid a lab assistant to change the results. 

Sunday 5 January 2020
Episode 40

Krishna is a match, but this upsets Yash and Prabha leading to the kidnapping of Krishna. Kanta and Madvhi start believing Gangaa and now they are all fighting to find Krishna and find the camera's that were hidden in the house. Abha reveals the truth about who sent her.

Monday 6 January 2020
Episode 41

The transplant was successful but Niranjan has visitors that plan to kill him, Krishna is in the same room and watches as Yash takes her grandfather's life. 

Tuesday 7 January 2020
Episode 42

Kanta has a heart attack because of the stress she has been feeling lately, her granddaughter is being kidnapped and her son is fighting for his life. Sagar and Gangaa work together in finding their daughter.

Wednesday 8 January 2020
Episode 43

Prabha has kidnapped the Charturvedi family at this time off bereavement. She plans to kill all of them by using each family member to kill each other according to game she has them playing. Just as Gangaa is about to shoot Sagar and unexpected family member shoots first aiming at Prabha.

Thursday 9 January 2020
Episode 44

Niranjan is alive and just when they all thought the family is back together, Sagar and Gangaa are still deceiving each other about how they feel. He is going back to London because he is waiting on Gangaa to confess her love for him. Will Sagar leave or stay?

Friday 10 January 2020
Episode 45

Kashish lied about being pregnant in order not to lose Purab, but when the truth comes out she loses both Purab and Gangaa. 

Saturday 11 January 2020
Episode 46

Gangaa is acting really strange, everything has gone back to normal except her thoughts. This scares Kanta and Sagar.

Sunday 12 January 2020
Episode 47

Gangaa has a premonition of the future but no-one seems to believe anything she tells them. The whole family goes down to the river and Gangaa meets Maharaj’s daughter who is getting married called Gangaa.

Monday 13 January 2020
Episode 48

There’s bad thunder at the river and Gangaa, Sagar and Krishna drown. Gangaa makes it out but loses her memory and her journey takes a whole new twist.

Tuesday 14 January 2020
Episode 49

Gangaa is suffering from amnesia, she finds herself in a new home with new family members.

Wednesday 15 January 2020
Episode 50

Gangaa marries a respectable man called Shiv, he has a daughter who tries everything in her power to make Gangaa leave their home.

Thursday 16 January 2020
Episode 51

There is no connection between Shiv and Gangaa, but because they are used to arranged marriages none of them seem to realise that they have the wrong Gangaa in their house. Gangaa can’t remember her life before this chapter of her life.

Friday 17 January 2020
Episode 52

Jumki and Radica team up to make Shiv hate Gangaa and make her leave, while Shiv’s step mother and brother a plotting on taking his inheritance that his dad left him.

Saturday 18 January 2020
Episode 53

Gangaa follows the boy who the community thought Shiv had killed, to prove Shiv’s innocence.

Sunday 19 January 2020
Episode 54

Gangaa is getting along with Shiv, but this relationship has Radica very unhappy. Jumki continues with her plots to destroy Gangaa.

Monday 20 January 2020
Episode 55

Jumki brainwashes Radica with false information about Gangaa, while Gangaa is getting close to the other family members.

Tuesday 21 January 2019
Episode 56

Shiv is ready to take over from her dad, but this makes his brother jealous. Gangaa has surprise visitor, but they can't see each other because she must cover her face.

Wednesday 22 January 2020
Episode 57

Gangaa wins Radica’s heart when she attends one of her school meetings, this gives Shiv surety that they will be a happy family, but the rest of Shiv’s family is very disappointed.

Thursday 23 January 2020
Episode 58

Nanny tells Gangaa some of the family secrets, she now knows that Shiv is in danger as his family is against him. She asks Nanny for help to save Shiv.

Friday 24 January 2020
Episode 59

Thugs, hired by Pratab come into the house and kidnap Radica. Pratab and his mother are disappointed once again that Gangaa will save the day.

Saturday 25 January 2020
Episode 60

Jumki continues plotting against Gangaa, but Shiv is standing by his wife.

Sunday 26 January 2020
Episode 61

Gangaa is given wife duties by her mother in law and the priest, Jumki is sabotaging Gangaa in most of her tasks. At the end of the prayer the priest thanks Gangaa for all her hard work.

Monday 27 January 2020
Episode 62

While getting some water, Gangaa falls into a huge hole, Shiv travels to go save her but he gets bitten by a snake.

Tuesday 28 January 2020
Episode 63

Ashi’s future inlaws have arrived to meet her, but she ran away with the love of her life. Jumki blames Gangaa for Ashi’s decision, but Gangaa goes looking for Ashi who is in danger.

Wednesday 29 January 2020
Episode 64

Gangaa is regaining her memory, but still not sure what’s going on. Jumki continues acting pregnant to be taken seriously. Sagar is in town looking for his wife.

Thursday 30 January 2020
Episode 65

It’s holy, and the whole family is in a great spirit. Shiv takes Saga in to heal his wounds from the accident.

Friday 31 January 2020
Episode 66

Sagar can’t recognise Gangaa because of her covered face, but they both seem to act restless around each other. Pratab’s mistress comes and introduces herself to his family.

Premiere episodes of Gangaa air on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 21h00.

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Gangaa Season 2 Full story in English :

10 years later, Gangaa has grown up right into a younger adult and has been waiting for Sagar. Her love for him is implacable as she hides and adores vermilion, believing she is fulfilling her obligation as Sagar’s wife. Gangaa has all the time loved Sagar.

As Gangaa expresses her love for Sagar, she is shocked to find he loves Jaanvi, who studied with Sagar in London. Gangaa is heartbroken. Slowly Sagar cares for her and eventually he realizes he loves Gangaa but it was too late as Jaanvi and Sagar had performed roka and Gangaa couldn’t settle for Sagar’s love. Sagar expresses his love by making use of vermilion to her forehead. His household opposes this relationship as a result of Gangaa is a widow whom they can not let their son marry. Frustrated, Sagar on holiday applies color to Gangaa, saying that she is no more a widow and decides to marry Gangaa in court docket and then depart for Delhi.

Meanwhile, Niranjan’s eldest son, Pulkit decides to have his share of property and splits the house into two. Niranjan can’t tolerate this and suffers a coronary heart attack. He pleads with Gangaa to return Sagar to him. Gangaa agrees to offer him his son. Sagar listens to this; he’s angry as a result of he thinks Gangaa used him and threw him away like a toy. Annoyed, Sagar marries Jaanvi; Gangaa tried to cease him however he doesn’t take heed to her. At night time, Sagar realises he had performed wrong but Gangaa didn’t settle for her love as a result of Sagar was married. Gangaa then meets a lawyer named Palash (Sarwar Ahuja) and decides to join an internship underneath him. Meanwhile, Sagar and Jaanvi relationship gets worse as a result of he doesn’t love her. Palash develops emotions for Gangaa and by Sagar’s insistence, he takes Gangaa to a store to pick bridal garments for her and then tells her he loves her and his mom needs her to be her Daughter in Law(DIL).

Gangaa is shocked and says she can’t as a result of she still loves Sagar. In the meantime, Yash insists Jaanvi to take more medication, which result to her dying. Afraid, Yash hangs Jaanvi’s body from a ceiling fan to make it appear like a suicide, and leaves a suicide note written by Jaanvi under Yash’s pressure that Sagar is responsible for her death. Gangaa arrives home and Sagar hugs her and cries his heart out. The police come and discover the letter and arrest the entire household besides Gangaa.

Gangaa pleads with Palash to take Sagar’s case; he asks him some questions and she says she loves Sagar and cannot live without him. Palash takes up the case and the family is bailed out except Sagar. As the case proceeds, Palash becomes negative and thinks of letting Sagar stay in jail so he and Gangaa could marry, so he starts hiding evidence. Gangaa and Sagar escape a witness from Palash’s hands and he is sentenced to two years in jail. Sagar returns home after many problems; Ammaji agrees to Sagar and Gangaa’s marriage but Prabha Mami mixes something into a drink and Sagar drinks it. Sagar, in a drunken state, comes very close to Gangaa.

The next morning Sagar does not remember anything that happens between him and Gangaa. The marriage day comes; while taking the pheras, Gangaa collapses and it is revealed that she is pregnant. Sagar refuses to believe the child is his; he does not remember having sex with her. He questions Gangaa’s character and says she had sex with another man. Disheartened, Gangaa leaves the house; she meets Rahat, who takes care of poor, homeless girls. Gangaa joins her family. Rahat’s daughter Zoya is raped and her husband is murdered by Rudra, a friend of Sagar. Sagar refuses to believe Rudra could do this. Later, it is believed Rahat and Niranjan were lovers in college and that Zoya was Niranjan’s daughter. Ammaji hid this secret from Niranjan because Rahat was from a different religion and she sent Niranjan to London for studies. After a long court-case drama, Zoya reveals to Rudra that she loves him, the rape charges are fake and she murdered her husband; Rudra records everything but it is deleted by Zoya. He somehow records the confession.

Rahat sees the confession and slaps her daughter, but Zoya tries to snatch a camera. In the resulting fight, Rahat slips and falls to her death from the terrace. Niranjan takes Zoya to his house, to which his wife does not agree. Sagar decides to leave the house with his mother and goes to London. Meanwhile, leap months have appeared and Gangaa gives birth to a baby girl on the day of Krishna Janmanashtri, and she named her Krishna. Niranjan also realises Gangaa was telling the truth that Sagar is Krishna’s father. Gangaa decides to be both Krishna’s mother and father.

After 7 years:

Gangaa brings up her and Sagar’s daughter Krishna alone. Sagar, who is unaware Krishna is his daughter, goes to Banaras on his dadi’s insistence. In a jungle he comes across Krishna, who is lost, and takes care of her. Krishna is instantly attached to him. He knows she is Gangaa’s daughter because she looks exactly like Gangaa. He takes her home without meeting Gangaa. One day, Sagar and Gangaa came across each other; Krishna recognises Sagar as the man who helped her in the jungle. She is pleased to see him back but Gangaa takes her home.

Sagar plans to leave Banaras whereas Gangaa cannot answer Krishna’s question about her father. She herself sets out to find her father. She again comes across Sagar but collapses in his arms. She is rushed to hospital where Gangaa reveals that Krishna has a hole in her heart and it is genetic; Krishna’s father had the same problem in childhood. Sagar is shocked and he asks Gangaa who is Krishna’s father but she does not reply. Sagar refuses to go to London without finding answers. One day, in a temple, Yash takes Krishna to blackmail Gangaa that he will kill her daughter; he reveals that his mother mixed something in Sagar’s drink, which is why he does not remember having sex with Gangaa. Sagar and family are shocked; Gangaa and Krishna go to their home. Sagar says sorry and asks for forgiveness but Gangaa does not budge and is not ready listen as Sagar questions her character but Sagar tells her he came for Krishna and asks Krishna to come with him but Gangaa stops Sagar. He then sends custody of Krishna, later it is followed by a long court case. Sagar wins the case as Krishna chooses Sagar as instructed by him. They somehow convince Gangaa to stay at a house for one week and they prove who loves Krishna more.

This is followed by some humorous and cute challenges after one week. Krishna tells Sagar she has to write a few favorite family member; she writes about Sagar and speaks a beautiful speech in entrance of her school and members of the family. Gangaa is emotional and he or she plans to take Krishna to her village however Sagar comes and Krishna cries as she doesn’t need to leave her father. Gangaa goes home Sagar plans to go to London; Gangaa is shocked to listen to this however she doesn’t stop him and he leaves. When Niranjan comes and he collapses, it’s revealed that he has blood most cancers. As according to Niranjan’s wish, Gangaa and Sagar lastly marry; on the evening of the wedding Gangaa apologize to Sagar for her behaviour and never letting him forgive. After all of the drama, Niranjan survives, which followed by a tale of conspiracy. Every thing goes nice and Sagar is profitable as Gangaa expresses her love for Sagar. Gangaa, Sagar and Krishna witness a significant accident in a river when Gangaa lose her reminiscence.
Zee world Gangaa Season 2 cast

Gangaa Season 2 Actors/Cast, Picture and Real name Zee World Series

  • Aditi Sharma as Adult Gangaa Shukla / Gangaa Sagar Chaturvedi / Gangaa Shiv Jha (née Shukla), Sagar’s second wife/widow, Shiv’s wife, Krishna’s mother
  • Rajsingh Verma as Varun Shukla, Gangaa’s Father
  • Vishal Vashishtha as Adult Sagar Niranjan Chaturvedi, Pulkit’s brother and Zoya’s step brother, Jhanvi’s first husband, Gangaa’s second husband, Krishna’s father (Dead)
  • Ruhana Khanna as Child Gangaa Shukla / Krishna Sagar Chaturvedi (Gangaa and Sagar’s Daughter)
  • Swar Hingonia as Child Sagar Niranjan Chaturvedi, Pulkit’s brother and Zoya’s step brother
  • Shakti Anand as Shiv Jha, Gangaa’s third husband
  • Panchi Bora as Jhanvi Sagar Chaturvedi, Sagar’s first wife


  • Hiten Tejwani as Judge Niranjan (Niru) Chaturvedi, Madvhi’s husband, Sagar, Pulkit and Zoya’s father
  • Gungun Uprari as Madhvi Niranjan Chaturvedi, Niranjas’s wife, Sagar and Pulkit’s mother
  • Sushmita Mukherjee as Kanta Chaturvedi / Ammaji, Sagar’s Dadi, Niranjan’s mother
  • Vedant Sawant as Child Pulkit Niranjan Chaturvedi, Sagar’s brother and Zoya’s step brother
  • Abhishek Tiwari as Adult Pulkit Niranjan Chaturvedi, Sagar’s brother and Zoya’s step brother
  • Nivedita Tiwari / Roop Durgapal as Supriya Pulkit Chaturvedi, Sagar’s Bhabhi, Pulkit’s wife
  • Arshifa Khan as Radhika Shiv Jha, Shiv’s illegitimate daughter
  • Utkarsha Naik as Savitri Jha, Shiv’s mother
  • Kishwer Merchant as Asha
  • Amar Deep Garg as Karoli Baba
  • Dinesh Mehta as Pratap Jha, Shiv’s brother
  • Anokhi Anand as Jhumki Pratap Jha, Shiv’s Bhabhi, Pratap’s wife
  • Anushkaa Singh as Riya Jha, Shiv’s sister
  • Shagun Sharma as Ashi Jha
  • Rajesh Balwani as Kushal, Riya’s husband
  • Puja Sharma as Kashish Sameer Mirza
  • Akash Gill as Adult Yash
  • Rakhi Vijan as Prabha, Yash’s mother
  • Romanch Mehtha as Ratan
  • Sunil Jetly as Maharaj Ji
  • Jaya Bhattacharya as Sudha Buaa
  • Rucha Gujarati as Zoya Niranjan Chaturvedi, Sagar and Pulkit’s step sister / Zoya Sameer Mirza
  • Nausheen Ali Sardar as Rahat Sameer Mirza, Niranjan’s first love, Zoya’s mother
  • Gaurav Deshmukh as Sahil
  • Sarwar Ahuja as Palash Banerjee
  • Rizwana Shaikh as Mairi, The Chaturvedi’s maid
  • Mohit Abrol/Deepak Wadhwa as Rudra
  • Divyangana Jain as Ragini
  • Ahsaas Channa as Teenage Saloni
  • Suman Shashi Kant as Monsieur Srivastav, Chief Minister, Saloni’s father
  • Pooja Sethi as Drishti
  • Sanjay Gandhi as Omkar
  • Priya Wal / Gunjan Vijaya as Barkha, Sagar’s Mausi, Madhvi’s cousin sister (Dead)
  • Samir Sharma as Raj
  • Samridh Bawa as Bal Mahant Gautam
  • Mukul Nag as Kanta’s husband, Sagar’s Dadaji, Niranjan’s father
  • Amita Khopkar as Shanta Devi, Kanta’s sister