DStv Guide or TV guide for Gebroke Harte Teasers December 2019 – Upcoming eXtra drama series ‘Gebroke Harte’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for December 2019.
Gebroke Harte Teasers

Coming up on Gebroke Harte 2 this December 2019:

Monday 2 December 2019
Episode 106

With things not looking good for Dilara, who will come to her rescue, Harun, or Cihan? Or will her salvation come from an unlikely source?

Tuesday 3 December 2019
Episode 107
Please note:  There are two episodes a night from tonight, at 19h00 and 19h50, replacing Die Vreemdeling which ended last night.

Cansu and Hazal get an unexpected windfall. Harun realises Azal is his child, but will Dilara forgive him for doubting her? Ayse panics about Harun spotting her with Cihan.

Episode 108

Dilara makes a promise to Cihan she can’t keep. In an effort to make peace with Ozan, Dilara gives her shares to Ozan. Will she regret this decision?

Wednesday 4 December 2019
Episode 109

The truth about Ozkan taking the money and lying to Sevinc, comes out. Will Sevinc accept the real Ozkan? 

Episode 110

Rahmi takes drastic action to stop Ozan from selling his shares, but did he go too far? Despite Maide’s attempts to bribe her, Hatice refuses to leave. 

Thursday 5 December 2019
Episode 111

The money Candan gave Ozkan proves to be too big a temptation for Keriman. Hazal finds out Cansu and Ozan both own shares to the company, but she doesn’t. 

Episode 112

Dilara and Harun reconcile after the incident with Azal.  Hatice threatens to reveal the fact she’s Ayse’s birth mother,  but will Maide allow it?

Friday 6 December 2019
Episode 113

Hazal continues to cause drama as she threatens to run away, and Ozgur and Emrah fight over her attention. Cihan is shocked to find picture of her and Ozgur on the internet.

Episode 114

Cihan is shocked out to find out about the relationship between Harun and Ayse and believes it’s all been part of a plan to trick him. Can Ayse convince him otherwise?

Monday 9 December 2019
Episode 115

Ayse is caught between two families who both believe she’s part of the other’s revenge plot. Hazal expects the worst when Cihan asks her to come see him, but she gets a pleasant surprise.

Episode 116

Cansu is upset to find out her mother knew about Demir being kidnapped by Harun. Despite Maide and Harun’s feelings, Ayse declared her love for Cihan, but will he take her back?

Tuesday 10 December 2019
Episode 117

Ozgur’s ex-girlfriend has news that could destroy his relationship with Hazal. Cansu struggles to come to terms with what her mother and grandfather did to Ozan.

Episode 118

In an act of revenge, Ozan sells his shares, and Cihan is shocked to find out who he sold them to. Cihan takes out his anger on Candan.

Wednesday 11 December 2019
Episode 119

Hazal tells Dilara about Cihan’s relationship with Ayse. When Cansu and Deniz get engaged, Hazal takes immediate action out of jealousy.

Episode 120

Cihan confronts Cansu about her engagement, while a violent clash at Deniz’s restaurants makes Cihan even more concerned about their relationship.

Thursday 12 December 2019
Episode 121

When Cansu goes to see Deniz, Cihan accuses Deniz of putting Cansu in danger. Ozan threatens to break up with Candan after hearing about her secret.

Episode 122
Season finale!
Cansu and Deniz decide to elope, but a surprise wedding guest throws a spanner in the works. Candan and Ozan also plan to escape the country, but will they succeed?

Please note: The series will be back on eExtra for Season 3 in 2020 - date to be confirmed.
Season 2 will be replaced by a repeat of Die Wiel Draai until January 2020, when Bittersoet returns for Season 2.

Premiere episodes of Gebroke Harte air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.