Forever Yours Teasers May 2020 – Upcoming Star Life drama series ‘Forever Yours’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for May 2020
Please note: Two episodes air on some days, and one episode airs on other days. The series airs an hour a day regardless of whether there are one or two episodes.

Coming up on Forever Yours this May 2020:

Friday 1 May 2020

Episode 147

Paakhi proves to Anuja that after reading the letter her children are searching for her, which makes Anuja happy. Lavanya and Anshuman talk to Deepika to find out the location from which the letter arrived. Anuja gets to know that her children are visiting Delhi to meet her.

Episode 148

Anuja is worried about meeting her children and want them to forgive her. Anshuman tries to call Anuja, but she hesitates to take his call. Finally, Anuja meets Anshuman. Anuja and Deepika persuade Paakhi to accept the job in Singapore.

Episode 149

Lavanya decides to cancel her surgery in order to take care of Naina, who is suffering from fever. Anshuman apologises to Anuja for his father's misdeeds and shares his memories with Anuja. She informs Anshuman that she does not have a family. Deepika and Paakhi prepare to welcome Anuja's son.

Episode 150

Lavanya experiences stomach pain and Girish takes her to the hospital. Paakhi departs for Singapore, and fails to meet Anuja. Deepika identifies Anshuman, and informs Anuja that Paakhi is her daughter-in-law.

Episode 151

Paakhi reaches Singapore and meets Rohan. Back home, Anshuman promises Anuja to mend his relationship with Paakhi and bring her back. Girish, Lavanya and Ayaan welcome Anuja when she visits their house. Lavanya breaks down into tears on meeting Anuja.

Saturday 2 May 2020

Episode 152

Anuja is concerned about Lavanya's health, though she is sure that Paakhi will return home soon. Meanwhile, Paakhi meets Rohan's team members and agrees to participate in a cultural contest on Rohan's request. Later, Anshuman visits Singapore in search of Paakhi and meets Rohan.

Episode 153

Rohan asks Sara to return Anshuman's passport which she had forcibly taken from Anshuman. Paakhi and Anshuman get surprised on meeting each other and are able to spend some time together. Anshuman tries to mend his relations with Paakhi.

Episode 154

Anuja tells Lavanya about her second son, Deepak. While in Singapore, Rohan warns Anshuman to stay away from Paakhi. Anshuman retaliates and shows his interest in helping Paakhi with the competition. Anshuman asks for forgiveness from Paakhi and she tells him she will return home on one condition.

Episode 155

Girish promises Anuja he will locate her second son, Deepak. Meanwhile, Anshuman wishes luck to Paakhi for the competition but learns that one of the colours to be used in the rangoli competition could be toxic.

Episode 156

Anuja tells Girish that she will look after Lavanya's health. Meanwhile, Paakhi promises Rohan she will give her best in the competition. Later, they are told that they have won the rangoli competition. Rohan finds Paakhi and Anshuman spending some time together.

Sunday 3 May 2020

Episode 157

Anuja comes to know about Paakhi and Anshuman's agreement. Paakhi agrees to plan for the next round of the competition. When she slips and gets injured, Rohan accuses her of being irresponsible.

Episode 158

Anshuman helps Paakhi in preparing the dishes for the competition and even helps to promote them. The judges accuse Rohan and Paakhi of cheating in the competition.

Episode 159

Rohan tries to instigate Paakhi against Anshuman and plans to prove to her that he is not a changed man. Will Rohan be able to prove that or will Anshuman be able to win over Paakhi?

Episode 160

When Paakhi sees Anshuman speaking to Tanya, she becomes jealous and shares her feelings with Anuja, who tells her to take the right decision. Meanwhile, Anshuman learns that Paakhi and Rohan have entered the final stage of the competition and offers some tips, which Rohan waves off.

Episode 161

Anuja is furious at Girish for taking Lavanya to a party. Meanwhile, Paakhi is tense about the final round of competition but Anshuman helps her in her preparation.

Monday 4 May 2020

Episode 162

When a fire breaks out in Paakhi's apartment, Anshuman jumps to the rescue, but gets injured. Rohan, menahile, tells Paakhi that it was Anshuman who started the fire. The police suspect Anshuman's involvement and arrest him.

Episode 163

It is revealed that the fire was caused by Paakhi's negligence but Anshuman takes the blame. Paakhi succeeds in getting him released on bail but the police order him to leave the country.

Episode 164

Paakhi learns the real cause of the fire and realises that Anshuman is innocent. Meanwhile, Anuja comes to know that Girish wants to spend some time with Lavanya. Later, Tanya calls Paakhi and asks her to return with Anshuman.

Episode 165

Girish apologises to Anuja for the misunderstanding and tells her that he has gathered information about Deepak. Paakhi wants to return with Anshuman and decides to skip the competition but Anshuman convinces her to participate.

Episode 166

As Rohan and Paakhi lose the competition, Paakhi keeps her word and goes back to Anshuman. After initial reluctance, Rohan befriends Anshuman. Meanwhile, Paakhi learns that Anuja is Anshuman's mother.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Episode 167

Ayaan is elated to see Paakhi, and Anuja welcomes her to the house. Paakhi helps Anuja cook for Anshuman. Later, she is shocked to see a man who looks just like Anshuman. It turns out to be Aryaman Deepak, who is Anuja's second son. Will the family accept Aryaman?

Episode 168

Lavanya decides to hire a driver for Girish as he suffers from back pain. The family meets Aryaman and Anuja wishes to get him married, which everyone agrees with. Later, Anuja and Paakhi see Aryaman in the process of stealing something and realise he is a thief. Who is Aryaman?

Episode 169

Anuja is shocked on learning that Aryaman is a thief but Anshuman and Paakhi console her. Anuja wishes to get him married and for that they require a DNA report. Paakhi suggests Aryaman to undergo a DNA test, to which he agrees. What would the report reveal?

Episode 170

Aryaman's associate warns him not to get caught by Anuja and Paakhi. Aryaman agrees for a DNA test and succeeds in replacing his blood sample with that of Lavanya's. He also successfully hides a knife from Paakhi, and later badmouths Lavanya and Paakhi.

Episode 171

Aryaman plans to kidnap Ayaan, but fails. Anuja tries to console Lavanya about Aryaman but she misunderstands Anuja. Maaji accuses Aryaman of stealing her jewellery, and Anuja becomes furious at her. Was Maaji's accusation true?

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Episode 172

Aryaman finds Lavanya in an unconscious state and gets her admitted to the hospital. Aryaman's associate confronts him for failing in the attempt to kidnap Ayaan. Anshuman finds Aryaman talking to a stranger. Who is he? Will Anshuman confront Aryaman?

Episode 173

Aryaman scolds Paakhi which upsets Anshuman, but Paakhi intervenes to manage the situation. Anshuman decides to find out the truth about Aryaman and asks him to accompany him to his office. Aryaman decides to steal the master key to Anshuman's house. Will he succeed?

Episode 174

Aryaman gets hurt while helping Anuja in the kitchen. The doctor advises him to undergo a check-up. Anuja asks Anshuman to stop suspecting and following his brother. Aryaman steals the key of the study room, and Anshuman gets to know about it. Will Anshuman learn more about his plan?

Episode 175

Anshuman apologises to Anuja for suspecting Aryaman, but she refuses to forgive him. He then asks Paakhi for help. Meanwhile, Aryaman is still planning to kidnap Ayaan. But how?

Episode 176

Aryaman pretends to be Anshuman and takes Ayaan with him. Anshuman gets to know that Aryaman is planning to kidnap Ayaan and tries to find Ayaan, along with Paakhi. Anshuman is shocked at seeing Aryaman's blood report.

Thursday 7 May 2020

Episode 177

Aryaman's associates try to kidnap Ayaan but Aryaman saves him. Aryaman and Anshuman strive to escape from the goons. Later, Aryaman makes a shocking confession to Anshuman. What could be this devastating secret?

Episode 178

The police admit Anshuman, Aryaman and Ayaan to the hospital. The inspector calls Suman, from Aryaman's phone, and informs her about the accident. Anshuman's family gets worried about him and they call Aryaman to get information about Anshuman's whereabouts. Will they come to know about the accident?

Episode 179

Suman comes to know about Aryaman's failed mission. She visits Anshuman's house and manages to kidnap Paakhi by misleading everyone about her identity. Paakhi's brother, Raghu visits Anshuman's house but Anuja and Girish find Paakhi missing.

Episode 180

The police inform Girish that Anshuman, Aryaman and Ayaan have met with an accident. Paakhi manages to escape from Suman, and then Girish tells her about the accident. The doctor informs Paakhi, Anuja and Girish that he could save only one of the brothers.

Episode 181

Paakhi comes to know about Anshuman's death and gets depressed. She tries to kill herself, but Girish and Anuja stop her. Ayaan becomes unconscious on seeing Anshuman's dead body and goes into a state of shock.

Friday 8 May 2020

Episode 182

The doctor asks Paakhi not to inform Ayaan about Anshuman's death. After regaining consciousness Aryaman gets to know about Anshuman's death. Then, Paakhi asks him to pretend to be Anshuman in front of Ayaan. Will Aryaman agree? Will Ayaan be able to recover?

Episode 183

Paakhi tells Anuja and Girish that Aryaman must pretend to be Anshuman in order to save Ayaan. Anuja informs Raghu about Paakhi's decision and he agrees with her. Girish tells all the servants not to inform Ayaan about Anshuman's death. Will they be able to save Ayaan with this lie?

Episode 184

The family is plunged into sorrow over Anshuman's death. Paakhi decides to hide Anshuman's death from the media and Ayaan. She presents Aryaman to the media as Anshuman. Some reporters question Anshuman Aryaman about the accident. Will Aryaman be able to get away with the act?

Episode 185

The police visit Anshuman's house and tell Paakhi about the accident. She questions Aryaman about Ayaan's abduction but he manages to mislead her and Girish. Meanwhile, Paakhi finds a voice message on her phone. Who and what is the message?

Episode 186

Aryaman learns about Anshuman's voice message and tries to delete it. Paakhi is shocked to know Aryaman's real face from Anshuman's voice message and confronts him for trying to abduct Ayaan. Anuja requests Paakhi not to call the police. Will she forgive Aryaman?

Saturday 9 May 2020

Episode 187

Paakhi vows to protect Ayaan from Aryaman. Anuja tells Paakhi that she is aware that Aryaman tried to abduct Ayaan and asks her to forgive him. Anuja requests Paakhi not to get Aryaman arrested. Will Paakhi forgive Aryaman?

Episode 188

Paakhi informs Ayaan about Anshuman's death and Anuja too comes to know of it. She also learns that Paakhi has informed the police about Aryaman's misdeeds. Paakhi announces Anshuman's death at a press conference. Why is Paakhi doing all this?

Episode 189

Paakhi introduces Aryaman to the press and announces that she is Anshuman's wife. The police arrest Aryaman for murdering Anshuman. Anuja gets upset with Paakhi over this. Paakhi vows to recover the losses that Anshuman's company has incurred. How will she do that?

Episode 190

Paakhi decides to run Anshuman's business. The investors demand the money that they invested in Anshuman's dream project from Paakhi, which disturbs her. Anuja introduces Paakhi to her nephew, Veer, who can help her in business.

Episode 191

Veer offers to assist Paakhi in business and she agrees to hire him as her solicitor. Paakhi vows to complete Anshuman's dream project. Anuja tells Veer that she wants Paakhi to forgive Aryaman and marry him. Will Paakhi fulfil Anuja's desire?

Sunday 10 May 2020

Episode 192

Veer and Paakhi talk to Anshuman's associate, Vaswani, and ask him for the project blueprints. Vaswani demands Rs 2 crore from her for the blueprints. Paakhi wants the password to Anshuman's bank account in order to check the details. Will she be able to find out the correct password?

Episode 193

Paakhi tries to figure out the password of Anshuman's bank account. Veer tries to convince Paakhi to take Aryaman's help for this. Paakhi decides to convince Vaswani to give the blueprints of Anshuman's dream project. Will she succeed?

Episode 194

Ayaan participates in a competition but decides to keep it a secret. Paakhi invites Vaswani for lunch and manages to convince him to give the blueprints. Later, Vaswani tells Paakhi that he will not be able to give the blueprints to her.

Episode 195

Vaswani asks Paakhi to pay the money within two days and take the blueprints, to which she agrees. Paakhi refuses to take Aryaman's help as she is aware of Anuja's plan. She proposes a challenge for Veer.

Episode 196

Naina and Ayaan celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Lavanya becomes depressed on recalling Anshuman and ties a rakhi on Veer's wrist to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Anuja informs Lavanya that she wants Aryaman to take Anshuman's place.

Monday 11 May 2020

Episode 197

Paakhi plans to trick Vaswani, with Maaji and Sukhi's help. Ayaan is rejected by the judges, as a competitor, as he is under aged. Paakhi finds Veer's hand stuck in a cupboard and he requests Paakhi to help him. What was Veer doing in the cupboard?

Episode 198

A participant of the talent hunt competition, Aditya, convinces Ayaan to become his partner. Maaji and Sukhi fail to execute Paakhi's plan on Vaswani. Will Paakhi be able to get the blueprints from Vaswani?

Episode 199

Paakhi suceeds in getting the blueprints with Vaswani's help and also wins the confidence of the investors by showing them a demo of the proposed 'Happy Family Township'. Paakhi shares her feelings with Ayaan but gets a shock on seeing his injuries.

Episode 200

Paakhi wants to expand Anshuman's business. Meanwhile, an income tax officer takes action against Anuja for misusing company funds. Ayaan hides from Paakhi the fact that Aditya was responsible for injuring him.

Episode 201

Lavanya gets angry with Paakhi for not getting Aryaman released from jail. A humiliated and depressed Paakhi decides to get Aryaman released. She also thinks that she has finally been able to figure out Ayushman's bank account password.

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Episode 202

Paakhi is elated as she succeeds in unlocking Anshuman's bank account. She also comes to know that Ayaan is participating in a talent show and shocks him by turning up at the venue of the talent show.

Episode 203

Paakhi is angry with Ayaan for lying to her, but later apologises for scolding him. Later, Paakhi and her family celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. Veer informs Anuja that Aryaman will not get bail and executes his plan of getting Aryaman released from police custody.

Episode 204

Paakhi decides to celebrate Ayaan's birthday and takes Veer's help. As Anuja wants Ayaan to forgive Aryaman, he invites Aryaman to his birthday party. Anuja tries to make Paakhi realise that Aryaman has changed.

Episode 205

Paakhi gets worried as she comes to know that a board meeting is clashing with Ayaan's birthday. Veer and Anuja want Paakhi to forgive Aryaman and make a plan. Will Paakhi be able to attend Veer's birthday?

Episode 206

Everyone wishes Ayaan on his birthday and give him gifts. Ayaan's friends are unable to attend the party as somebody misguides them. Ayaan is upset but Veer consoles him. Ayaan wants Paakhi to remarry. Will Paakhi agree?

Wednesday 13 May 2020

Episode 207

Ayaan asks Paakhi to remarry Aryaman but she gets upset. Paakhi suspects Anuja's involvement and gets angry with Veer and Anuja for using Ayaan to achieve their purpose. Will Paakhi fulfil Ayaan's wish?

Episode 208

Veer and Paakhi have an argument and Paakhi asks Veer to leave the house, but Lavanya and Anuja convince him to stay. Paakhi comes to know that a kid has stolen Ayaan's trophy and decides to confront him.

Episode 209

Paakhi's relatives ask Paakhi to marry Aryaman for Ayaan's sake but she does not agree. Ayaan removes Anshuman's mementos so that Paakhi can try to forget him. Ayaan and Anjua insist that Paakhi change her decision about the marriage.

Episode 210

Girish believes that Lavanya is sending love notes to him. Paakhi finally agrees to marry Aryaman for Ayaan's sake and signs the legal papers for his release. Anuja misleads Veer about her conversation with Aryaman.

Thursday 14 May 2020

Episode 211

Anuja helps Paakhi to get ready for the wedding and Ayaan thanks Paakhi for agreeing to the marriage. Veer informs Anuja that Paakhi has not signed the legal papers to release Aryaman. Anuja gets a shock when Paakhi tells her that she does not want to marry Aryaman.

Episode 212

Paakhi and Anuja argue over Paakhis's marriage, with Ayaan, Veer and Lavanya also joining in. Ayaan supports Paakhi in her decision, but Anuja and Lavanya are disappointed with her. What decision will Paakhi eventually take?

Episode 213

Paakhi confronts Veer and he agrees to marry her. She also promises to protect Ayaan. Anuja tries to convince Paakhi to get Aryaman released and pretends to care for Paakhi. Will Veer and Paakhi get married?

Episode 214

Lavanya is angry with Paakhi and she forgets Girish's birthday. Anuja plans to take revenge on Paakhi and vows to separate her from Ayaan. Will Anuja succeed in her plan? Will Paakhi be able to befriend Lavanya?

Friday 15 May 2020

Episode 215

Riya manages to hide her feelings for Girish in front of Lavanya. Paakhi comes to know from Veer that Anuja has filed a case for Ayaan's custody. Paakhi requests Anuja not to separate her from Ayaan. Will Anuja heed Paakhi's request?

Episode 216

Anuja succeeds in creating a misunderstanding between Paakhi and Veer. Veer challenges Anuja that she will not able to separate Paakhi from Ayaan and decides to prove his innocence to Paakhi. Will Paakhi patch up with Veer?

Episode 217

Paakhi appoints Veer as her lawyer after Girish convinces her to do so. Paakhi does not want Ayaan to know about the case and asks Anuja to hide it from him. Anuja wants to take revenge from Paakhi and so she executes her plan to win the case. What is Anuja's plan?

Episode 218

Anuja tries to mislead Paakhi about Veer, which makes her think that he is trying to separate her from Ayaan. Veer shares his past with Paakhi and tells her the truth about Riya. Meanwhile, Lavanya instigates Riya against Veer.

Episode 219

Paakhi proves in the court that Veer is a good father and Riya agrees to give him a chance. The judge grants a trial period of thirty days for Riya and Veer to understand each other. Will things get better between them?

Saturday 16 May 2020

Episode 220

Veer and Paakhi befriend each other and Paakhi assures him that Riya will accept him as her father. Anuja and Lavanya plan to separate Riya from Veer and Lavanya tries to play Ayaan off against Riya. Will Anuja and Lavanya succeed in their plan to keep Riya and Veer from each other?

Episode 221

Riya is welcomed by Paakhi to the Rathore mansion and she, along with Veer, organise a party for the family. Ayaan and Riya spend some time together. Will Riya accept Veer and Paakhi as her parents? What are Anuja and Lavanya planning?

Episode 222

Girish tries to convince Lavanya to support Paakhi and Veer. Paakhi asks Ayaan to adjust with Riya. Paakhi and Veer plan to patch up things in the family, but Anuja has other plans. Will Paakhi and Veer succeed in bringing Riya close to them?

Episode 223

Ayaan gets angry with Riya as she humiliates Paakhi and also breaks his electronic tablet. Riya refuses to apologise to Ayaan. Meanwhile, Anuja is executing her plan against Veer and Riya. Girish and Paakhi plan to get Riya close to them.

Episode 224

Riya agrees to showcase her designs in Lavanya's exhibition. Paakhi stops Ayaan and Riya from confronting each other. Anuja pretends to be caring in front of others, but she is really planning to take revenge on Paakhi.

Sunday 17 May 2020

Episode 225

Paakhi and Veer learn that a pack of cigarettes was found in Ayaan's bag. Anuja takes up the matter and tries to play off Ayaan against Riya. Was Riya involved in the matter? Will Ayaan be able to understand Anuja's plan or will he turn against Riya?

Episode 226

Riya and Ayaan try to hurt each other after Riya witnesses him burning the design papers. Veer and Paakhi try to stop both of them. Will they be able to clear the misconceptions? Will they be able to get close to Ayaan and Riya?

Episode 227

Riya gets an opportunity to present her designs in Lavanya's exhibition. Paakhi compliments Riya on her great show and also congratulates her as she receives orders for her design. Paakhi is shocked to see Ayaan lying unconscious on the floor. What has happened to Ayaan?

Episode 228

Anuja tries to create misunderstandings and then blames Riya for Ayaan's condition. Ayaan regains consciousness and asks Riya to stay back in the mansion. Anuja again plans to separate Ayaan and Riya. What will she do and will she succeed?

Episode 229

Anuja comes to know that Riya is in love with a married man and succeeds in instigating Riya against Paakhi. Later, Paakhi and Veer discuss about their plan of mending their relationship with Riya. Will they succeed?

Monday 18 May 2020

Episode 230

Riya decides to take advantage of Lavanya's negligence towards Girish, and plans to win him over. At night, Riya tries out her new outfit that she had brought to impress Girish. Will Riya be able to charm Girish?

Episode 231

Ayaan and Paakhi convince Riya to accept Veer's gift. Paakhi and Veer continue to try to win Riya's affection. Anuja advises Riya to impress her lover, and vows to help her in doing so. Why is Anuja helping Riya? What's her plan?

Episode 232

Paakhi and Veer pretend to have an argument with each other in front of Riya. Later, Riya visits Girish's house and turns him against Lavanya. Afterwards, she thanks Paakhi for supporting her. Paakhi learns that Veer is responsible for the death of Riya's parents.

Episode 233

Riya informs Paakhi that Veer is responsible for the death of her parents. Meanwhile, Veer overhears Riya's conversation with Paakhi. He reveals to Riya that he is not responsible for the death of her parents. Riya pretends to forgive Veer and embraces him.

Episode 234

Veer is happy about his relationship with Riya. Meanwhile, Lavanya is upset with Girish after he refuses to support Anuja and her in getting Ayaan's custody. Later in the night, Paakhi visits Riya's room, and suspects that she is in love with a married man.

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Episode 235

Anuja informs Riya that Paakhi was checking her phone. An infuriated Riya accuses Paakhi of spying on her. Paakhi informs Veer about her suspicion. Later, Riya tells Paakhi that she will take advantage of Veer's trust. Afterwards, Veer and Paakhi spot Riya with Girish.

Episode 236

Girish is shocked to learn about Riya's infatuation for him. Although Paakhi and Veer try to make Riya realise her mistake, she turns a deaf ear to them. Later, Anuja and Lavanya ask Riya to leave the Rathore mansion. Riya requests Girish for a chance to prove her love for him.

Episode 237

Lavanya is taken aback as Girish agrees to give a chance to Riya. Anuja misunderstands Paakhi, and challenges her to win Ayaan's custody. Later, Paakhi convinces Veer to not worry about Riya. The next day, Paakhi reluctantly accompanies Riya to Girish's house.

Episode 238

Lavanya is enraged after seeing Riya with Girish and she starts arguing with him. Riya asks Veer to prepare divorce papers for them. Veer becomes frustrated with Riya's behaviour, and believes that Anuja will win Ayaan's custody.

Episode 239

Veer confronts Anuja for badmouthing Riya and her mother. The next day, Girish tells Riya that he wants to file a petition for their marriage. Paakhi advises Riya to rethink about her decision before filing the petition. Girish signs the petition, while Paakhi and Veer wait for Riya in the court.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Episode 240

Lavanya accuses Anuja of creating a rift between Girish and her. Meanwhile, Riya decides to not file the marriage petition. Lavanya apologises to Girish, and reconciles with him. Riya embraces Veer, and accepts him as her father. Meanwhile, Paakhi wins Ayaan's custody.

Episode 241

Anuja takes revenge on Paakhi for not getting Aryaman released from the jail. Paakhi is upset after learning that Anuja has decided to keep Ayaan away from her. Later, she learns that Aryaman is not Anshuman's brother. Veer publishes in the newspapers that Aryaman has been released from the jail.

Episode 242

Anuja returns home after being convinced by Lavanya that Aryaman has been released from jail. Her annoyance reaches its extreme when she finds out that the Rathore family had lied to her about Aryaman.

Episode 243

Anuja apologises to Paakhi for her misdeeds, and decides to leave the Rathore mansion. Later in the night, Paakhi surprises Veer by telling him that she has invited his family to the Rathore mansion. The next day, Veer's family visits the Rathore mansion, and asks Paakhi to get ready for a few rituals.

Episode 244

Veer's sister humiliates Lavanya and Girish. Later, Veer apologises to Paakhi on behalf of his sister. Paakhi decides to reveal the truth about her relationship with Veer to his sister. Meanwhile, Veer's sister believes that he and Paakhi are in love with each other.

Thursday 21 May 2020

Episode 245

Veer's sister wants him to take care of Paakhi. Meanwhile, Paakhi informs Girish that she will not be able to forget Anshuman. Nandini tries to find out the truth about Paakhi and Veer's marriage from Maaji.

Episode 246

Veer's sister pampers Paakhi and Nandini is jealous about it. Paakhi is taken aback on finding out that Veer's sister has misunderstood her to be pregnant. Later, Veer tries to gift a set of diamond earrings to Paakhi.

Episode 247

Veer strives to reveal the truth about his relationship with Paakhi to his sister. The next day, Veer lies to Paakhi that a client has gifted the diamond earrings to her. He feels happy as she tries on the earrings.

Episode 248

Veer tries to inform the truth about his relationship with Paakhi to his sister. Lavanya informs Paakhi that she has organised a puja on Anshuman's death anniversary. Paakhi agrees to attend the puja. Meanwhile, Veer's sister asks Paakhi to perform the rituals of karva chauth for him.

Episode 249

Nandini reveals the truth about Paakhi and Veer's relationship to his sister. Later, Veer explains to his sister about his relationship with Paakhi. He requests her to not speak to Paakhi about the same. Afterwards, Veer's sister visits Lavanya's house to meet Paakhi.

Friday 22 May 2020

Episode 250

Paakhi learns that Lavanya humiliated Veer's sister. Meanwhile, Veer confesses to Lavanya that he loves Paakhi. Meanwhile, Paakhi decides to celebrate karva chauth for the sake of Veer's sister.

Episode 251

Paakhi rebukes Veer for betraying her. Veer gets furious with Paakhi, and retaliates. Unaware of the fight between Paakhi and Veer, Riya and Ayaan make them break their fasts. Later, Veer's sister meets Paakhi, and tells her to either accept or leave him.

Episode 252

Veer's sister blackmails Paakhi and tells her to accept him for Ayaan's sake. Ayaan informs Paakhi that she and Veer have to attend the parents and teachers meeting in his school. Meanwhile, Veer's sister plans to convince Paakhi to accept him.

Episode 253

Veer becomes awestruck on learning that he left the main door of the house open. Veers sister blames Paakhi for his state of mind. The next day, Nandini tries to annoy Paakhi. Veer decides to decorate the house with lights, on the occasion of Diwali. A stranger plans to kill Veer by electrocuting him. Paakhi finds Veer handling a live electric wire.

Episode 254

Veer and Paakhi refuse to speak to each other. Later, Veer decides to worship his gun on the occasion of Diwali. Veers sister tells him and Paakhi to perform puja together.

Saturday 23 May 2020

Episode 255

On seeing Veer with a loaded gun, Nandini misinforms Paakhi that he is trying to commit suicide. But Charu tells Paakhi that Veer is only pretending in order to gain Paakhi's sympathy. Paakhi plays a clever trick to find the truth.

Episode 256

Veer's sister gifts a diamond ring to him on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. A stranger places the diamond in the porridge prepared for Veer but Paakhi learns about the conspiracy. Who is the stranger?

Episode 257

Veer's sister finds the diamond in Veer's porridge and assumes that he's trying to commit suicide. She shares her concerns with Paakhi, but Paakhi believes that one of Veer's family members is trying to kill him.

Episode 258

Paakhi learns that Veer is in grave danger and vows to protect him from his family. In her quest for truth, she decides to install a tracker in Veer's gun. With the help of the tracker, Paakhi finds Charu holding the gun.

Episode 259

Paakhi finds Nandini meeting a stranger. Nandini informs Paakhi that the stranger is her lover, Kamal. In the night, Paakhi finds out that someone is adding antidepressants to Veer's drinks.

Sunday 24 May 2020

Episode 260

Paakhi tries to convince Veer that his sister is trying to kill him but he refuses to believe her. Veer slaps Paakhi when she tries to stop him from consuming the spiked drink.

Episode 261

Veer's sister agrees to get Nandini married to Kamal. Veer's sister is furious when she discovers that Kuhu got admission in a co-ed institute. Paakhi tries to calm her down, but Veer's sister humiliates Paakhi and rebukes her.

Episode 262

Veer manages to convince his sister to forgive Kuhu. Paakhi saves Veer from tripping. She tells Veer that someone is trying to harm him. Meanwhile, Kamal goes missing. Where has Kamal gone?

Episode 263

Paakhi discovers that Kamal is in contact with one of Veer's family members. Paakhi meets Charu and finds out that Kamal is blackmailing her. Paakhi and Riya are determined to find the person trying to kill Veer.

Episode 264

Veer agrees to help Paakhi find the person who is trying to kill him. Paakhi saves Veer from being killed by Kamal. Veer's sister is determined to visit the hospital. Riya informs Paakhi that Veer's sister is missing from the house.

Monday 25 May 2020

Episode 265

Paakhi is convinced that Veer's sister, Tejaswini, is innocent. Nandini misleads Veer and takes him to a secluded place. Paakhi discovers that Nandini is trying to kill Veer. Will Paakhi be able to save Veer?

Episode 266

Tejaswini saves Veer and Paakhi from Nandini. A couple blackmails Girish and Lavanya to transfer their property. Veer and Paakhi manage to apprehend the culprits and they save Girish and Lavanya. Later in the night, Paakhi and Veer exchange gifts. Will Paakhi and Veer get back together?

Episode 267

Tejaswini motivates Veer to express his love to Paakhi. Later, Paakhi, Lavanya, Girish, and Riya surprise Veer by organising his birthday party. Paakhi finds it hard to build proximity between her and Veer, as she recalls Anshuman's love for her

Episode 268

Veer makes Tejaswini realise Paakhi's love for Anshuman and decides to divorce Paakhi. Meanwhile, Paakhi continues to reminisce about Anshuman. Veer sacrifices his love for Paakhi and asks her to sign the divorce papers.

Episode 269

Paakhi signs the divorce papers on Veer's request. However, she is sad to leave Veer, and expresses her gratitude to him. Lavanya is proud of Paakhi for being loyal to Anshuman, while Paakhi engrosses herself in reminiscing about Anshuman.

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